Resident Evil Unreal Engine 4 - Fanmake vs Remake

The rather clever guys B.O.W Qin and S.P.J Studio have remade the Resident Evil Spencer Mansion Hall as seen in the Resident Evil Remake. To show how faithfully they have reproduced the mansion hallway using Unreal Engine 4 we’ve put the two in sequence so you can compare and contrast.

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-Foxtrot2388d ago

Really, well done I'll admit

I've said it over and over Capcom need to reboot Resident Evil and them doing another Resident Evil Remake adding onto the game with new stuff, including new lore and rooms would be the start of a brand new Resident Evil timeline. By Resident Evil 4 no Plagas. I even would prefer it if they made Resident Evils 4 story Code Veronicas but instead of Leon telling Chris about Claire he goes and saves her himself making it another Claire and Leon story.

bunt-custardly2387d ago

Yeh they did great with the scale and modelling but the effects (especially the lighting) could do with more work. That's what really gives the Remake visuals their distinctive creepy vibes which are absent in this Unreal Engine 4 demo.

ion6662387d ago

They should hire these guys and help them finish it and call it Resident evil 4k