AceGamez Review: Baroque

Tom Clark Writes:

" Some time ago, I was taking my daily walk and I saw a boy hitting something with a hammer or axe. I wasn't exactly sure what he was doing but I didn't care - I felt compelled to have a go too, just because he was smashing stuff. Is my desire to simply smash things aimlessly what gaming has made me become? Well, if it has then this new action RPG from Sting (not the rock musician) should quench my lust. However, it still takes more than repetitively hitting things to excite me, so can Baroque suffice with these extra requirements? Despite appearances of greatness, it just can't make the grade.

The first glimmer of grandeur coming from Baroque is the intriguing story, being all about a cataclysmic event that completely reshapes the land every day, and a kind of plague of the mind called Baroque. Granted, this possibly excellent story is not very original but it was enough to get me pretty excited. However, my enthusiasm soon dwindled when began to play; the story is mostly invisible and really has no impact on the proceedings, which is a real shame. This missed opportunity is even more aggravating than most, because the character you control has no memory, which seems like an obvious introduction for some narrational trickery. Instead of any intellectually pleasing mind-games though, you are simply given a worryingly slab-like gun (with very limited ammo), ordered into the randomly generated Neuro Tower dungeons and told to kill the very weird Meta-Beings that include flying fishes, wheel-like things and small insects with purple blood."

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