15 Great Games That Came Out at the Worst Possible Times

A ton of video games come out on a yearly basis, and a good amount of them are lucky to succeed. And then there are those that aren't so fortunate.

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InMyOpinion801d ago

Mad Max, Prince of Persia and a few others, definitely! Battleborn, Brink & Deadpool? Not so much...

InMyOpinion801d ago (Edited 801d ago )

The forgotten sands was awesome but I didn't like the celshaded one.

GigawattConduit801d ago

I didn't play Forgotten Sands. Cel-shaded one looked beautiful and controlled perfectly, but it was too easy in retrospect.

WellyUK801d ago

Mad max is better than MGSV.

GigawattConduit801d ago

I never got around to playing it. Heard good things, but it was doomed the moment its release date was announced.

blawren4801d ago

Metroid Prime Federation Force. Good game, completely the wrong time.

spoilerjerk801d ago

While I understand the fandom behind anything Metal Gear in the gaming community I think the "swan song" was one one of the most repetitive games I've played this generation and found Mad Max for all it's shortcomings to be a more fun experience.

Segata801d ago

Tatsunoku vs Capcom and No More Hereos 2. Xenoblade Chronicles X. About any good SEGA game last decade because SEGA is literally the worst at picking dates.