PS4 Pro’s HDR Capabilities are Stunning, but Won’t Be Relevant for Everyone

Sony announced their new model of the PS4 today, the PS4 Pro. However, the added power and capabilities of the new system may not be accessible to everyone.

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Kramerica131907d ago

Really important point to keep in mind.

Erik73571907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Or how about all these 4k games are just upscaled and not natively running on it lol? That's a big one to me

XeyedGamer1907d ago

Feel ever so free to pay for it.

ShadowKnight1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Did gamers really think it would run native 4K 60fps like a GTX 1080 one of the most powerful gpu in the market 🤔 and I'm still having problems running a few games in that resolution. Deus Ex and Hitman says hi . I'll also put Quantum Break on the list poorly optimize

mikeslemonade1906d ago

Preordered mine already when it came avalible.

The fact that you expected it to be true 4K confirms how some hardcore gamers are actually casual.

My 980ti which is $600 can barely play 4K at decent settings. And I can tell you that Scorpio will barely be able to handle 4K native either.

And I hope you adjusted your eyes for the Sony exclusives that will run 900p and 25 frames on your vanilla ps4. While I will actually play Sony exclusives on decent settings on my PRO.

Genuine-User1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Some games like The Last of Us Remastered and The Elder Scrolls Online will run at a native 4K resolution.

By the way, how do you tolerate your Xbox One with the sub native 720p-900p resolution in a lot of good games?

Aenea1906d ago

Shame indeed they are upscaled on the Scorpio and the Pro indeed, native 4k would have been much better, but let's face it, those specs aren't going to cut it, heck even PCs can't do [email protected] at the moment, especially not at console prices...

Erik73571906d ago

Never expected it to be 4k man lol....... I'm just saying they are saying "4k gaming" and throwing that around when you are seeing games when its just upscaled LOLOLOL

rainslacker1906d ago

MS is throwing around 4K gaming as well with the X1S, with the asterix afterwards to say that it's not native, and likely will do the same with the

Why even mention it? Resolution and HDR aren't intrinsically connected.

fenome1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )


All your games have been upscaled on your XboxOne but that never bothered you huh? Now you're in here getting cocky when you don't even know anything about the Scorpio yet. You think it's gonna be affordable? They're trying to switch you to PC and you don't even see it yet...

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GottaBjimmyb1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Kind of inportant to keep in mind I suppose, but doesn't the xbox one S already have that ability PLUS 4k bluray and streaming? Seems almost like this is simlar to it more than acorpio in terms of features.

Obviously the pro has more power, so we should get some better looking textures, draw distances, etc. But with no 4k bluray support and so far only upscaled 4k, just seems like a strange move.

Seems to me (and probably rightly so) Sony wanted to ensure they have a high end VR system in place in addition to their standard console. Which is a very smart idea, but if you are not interested in their VR solution, I feel like the PS4 pro might be a bit underwhelming.

Maybe I am just being crass though.

SquidBuck1906d ago

who buys blu-rays? I don't know a single person with more than five of em.

1906d ago
marioJP871907d ago

1080P TV user here. HDR isn't relevant to me at all.

GottaBjimmyb1906d ago

You could still benefit from HDR on a 1080p screen.

343_Guilty_Spark1906d ago

Well that's wrong because no 1080p HDTV supports HDR. I'm not sure how Sony got away with lying about HDR on the PS4.

marioJP871906d ago

No, you can't. Your TV has to support it and this is a 4KTV exclusive.

vickers5001906d ago


Hell, not even all 4k tvs have HDR support. I went with a budget 4k tv back in November because my 32 inch finally died, and then I start hearing about all this hdr stuff and check to find out if mine has it and it doesn't. It's not even a feature that comes with 4k natively. Needless to say, I'm pondering whether I should get a ps4 pro at all.

Orbilator1906d ago

I dont think he said any where in the meeting that 1080p tvs would do hdr. He said hdr would be supported on all ps4 even those that only support 1080p at no time did he say yoy didnt need a 4k tv. More lies from 343 even

GottaBjimmyb1905d ago


If you have a 1080p tv with HDR, no 4k is required to benefit...

Just because there isn't a manufacturer currently making a 1080p model doesn't mean that it is not possible, it is simply that almost every TV manufacturer is moving exclusively to 4k, such as samsung, sony and vizio...

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Genuine-User1906d ago

Well you're also in luck, PS4 Pro will render every game at 1080p with enhanced visuals on a FHD display.

MasterCornholio1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

That's true for any other HDR capable device. If your TV doesn't support you can't use it.

However all 1080P TV owners can benefit from upgrading to the PS4 Pro. Better visuals and framerate will be available on Sonys new console.

ziggurcat1906d ago

"However all 1080P TV owners can benefit from upgrading to the PS4 Pro. Better visuals and framerate will be available on Sonys new console."

that's all i was looking for, really, which is why I've pre-ordered the console. when I can afford a 4K HDR-ready TV, I'll buy one, but for now I'm happy with the added benefits to the current games on my regular 1080p TV.

Artemidorus1906d ago

Ps4 users will be getting HDR for free.

Aenea1906d ago


Wow, it's not real HDR people! Beware! It's fake HDR!

LOL, what is 'not real HDR'? and what is 'real HDR'?

rainslacker1906d ago

Really hate all these fake HDR standards. Don't know what they are, but damn it....I hate them.

Not sure what differentiates a coded bit stream for pixel processing between real and fake HDR. It's all a set standard of HDR10(for consoles) or Dolby Vision in some other places.

What exactly does the X1S or I guess the Scorpio do differently that makes it "real" HDR? Is it a hardware thing? Can't imagine how since all pixel processing is in hardware and is part of the rendering what's the difference?

Afraid 343 you may have to explain yourself on this one....even though you never respond to clarify any of your drivel despite you probably being ready to say this same thing for your next 1000 comments.

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FunAndGun1906d ago

I just don't think the slightly better visuals and framerate, depending on the developer, is even worth it.

more money, time, and setup, just to see a slight bump at the developers discretion is pointless to me. Just gonna wait for PS5.

joeorc1906d ago

[more money, time, and setup, just to see a slight bump at the developers discretion is pointless to me. Just gonna wait for PS5.]

Which is exactly why Sony is doing what they did, the current PS4 , along with the PS4 Slim get HDR, games made and released on Blu-ray discs along with its optical speed drive will still use Single side single layer or dual layer Blu-Ray Disc's..

Blu-Ray UHD is strictly for movie playback..that costs larger licence fees and most of the UHD discs offer the standard Blu-Ray playback option for older players anyway.

Untra Disc Blu-Ray really has no benefit for games market other than movie playback , while HDR does , and those with a current PS4 or those looking to buy can get any PS4 and all of them are now HDR compliant when the firmware update rolls out.

All PS4's can use PSVR as well as all PS4 games will work on all PS4's no exclusives separating the models not with VR and not with 3rd party developers and publishers getting to choose to make console only exclusives that only work on the PS4Pro while leaving the current PS4 users out.

sourav931906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

After last night's conference, I finally bit the bullet and bought a 4K HDR TV. I've got a gaming PC as well, so I can finally try out all those PC games in 4K (if it runs well on my 980).

I'll be picking up the Pro probably around xmas time, so I'll at least get to try out the HDR games on the og PS4 (if any release by then, that is). It's gonna be an expensive autumn...

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Kreisen1906d ago

I do own a 4k tv but seeing as the PRO isnt actually a 4k console i just dont see the point. I would be willing to fork out the extra cash for actual 4k, upscaled though is utterly pointless imo.

Goldby1906d ago

So i guess you wont be getting the one s or the scorpio. Scorpio mayhave 4k games. But only a select few will actually benefit from the pushfor resolution over more important things like frame rate

stalepie1906d ago

They said HDR support is coming to the regular PS4 model too.

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