Yahoo woes continue

Fudzilla writes: "Yahoo's value continues to freefall and has now worth $13 billion less than what it was when Microsoft tried to buy the company.

Yahoo is its lowest level in nearly five years which is starting to make the justification of the management board for not selling itself to Microsoft when it had the chance look very silly. You can pick up a used Yahoo share for $17.75. Microsoft was happy to offer $33 per share in May."

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Caxtus7503691d ago

lost 13 billion???

Why is it losing so much in value?

Serves them right...they should have accepted an offer from someone like Microsoft, especially if they were going to pay an extra 13 billion.

Sometimes you need to swallow your pride, and do what is right from a business point of view.

3690d ago
FunkYellowMonkey3690d ago

well they will learn n pay dearly for this mistake, still it won't shut down yahoo quite yet, they have loads of income left eh?!...

AAACE53690d ago

See what happens when people hate a company for no good reason! I guess they thought someone was going to be very interested in buying yahoo, and now that no one is dying to buy them... You know they gotta feel stupid. I would have cashed out and let it be MS' problem, and possibly started a new company! But I guess that's too much like doing the right thing...

kewlkat0073690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

That's a lot of money, hmm if you know you don't have what it takes to challenge Google, all on your own, then you should of CASHED OUT.

Hey I guess that owner wanna go down with PRIDE. Shareholders and investors I'm sure, had different Ideas. Now they are not strong enough to entertain offers.

Bladestar3690d ago

I said it before and I was bashed by it... Yahoo is doomed... it sucks when the management of a company is too involved in fanboysm instead of looking at the best interest of the investors... I lost money with Yahoo... and the only hope of getting some of that money back was if microsoft purchased it... after I saw the hate yahoo board had against microsoft and completely ignored how they company was slowly dying do to google strength... I simply took my loses and sold all my stocks... since then the stock keep dropping... now in hope to bring some interest from microsoft or another company they are trying to change the board of fanboys they had... but I think is too late... yahoo will die... microsoft should use that money to win the console war instead...