Remembering the Underappreciated Wii U Gamepad - Two Left Sticks

With the onset of the Nintendo NX imminent, it's a good time to look back at what was great about the Wii U, particularly its controller, the Wii U gamepad.

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InTheZoneAC2847d ago

I have a wii u and I never use it unless it's required, like the bs is needed to view the eshop

-Foxtrot2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )


I hated how you couldn't just use the entire system with the pro controller. Seriously it's so underused because it was a terrible decision to include one. It's a marmite controller and for me it just didn't feel right in my hand, I just couldn't play most games with it.

The Pro controller saved my Wii U purchase, I just don't see why they never used a Gamecube styled controller....I mean the sales for the Smash Bros controller and the Gamecube adapter were through the roof. It sold out all the time and I don't think they realised how well it was going to sell...yet for the new console the rumours are pointing to another gamepad type controller. They just don't seem to learn.

Skaymore2846d ago

Yea, that's really dumb, I'll admit

Yi-Long2847d ago

The controller was a gimmick that was forced upon gamers and developers while not really adding much in terms of better gameplay, but it did add 100-150 bucks to the price of a new console. This meant the console was unnecessarily expensive, it meant it was less powerful than it could/should have been without the gimmick, it meant many 3rd party developers couldn't really be bothered with developing for the system, it meant 1st party games had the tablet-controls forced in, which in many cases actually detracted from the quality of the gameplay, instead of enhancing it, etc etc.

In short, the WiiU tablet-controller was, sadly, just a mistake.

MikeNike3102846d ago

Don't know... I actually liked it. But then again I never used the wii u on my television.

jaymacx2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

The gamepad has Pros and Cons. It was'nt an outright mistake it just lacked features that would make it an awesome device.

Pros- has off screen play, easier inventory systems for games, great for FPS and sports games, built in remote features for your tv... Also had great potential

Cons- poor battery life, lack of analog triggers, can't be used far away from the console, can only use 1 gamepad per system, potential was never taken advantage of, and it's mandatory for basic things (as fox said above).

With all that said it should have been an optional add on and released without the cons mentioned. Nintendo should release an update that give you the option to use the pro controller for everything and a toggle switch to turn off the gamepad.

superchiller2846d ago

@ Yi-Long - You summarized it perfectly. The Wii U gamepad gimmick was the single biggest reason for the Wii U's failure. Nintendo put all their efforts into the gamepad, leaving very little resources for the Wii U console itself. That left the console way underpowered and feature-lacking, and completely unable to compete with the other consoles.

blawren42846d ago

This i agree with. I think if power of the console was equal to competition and the gamepad having its own graphical power would have been different.

Skaymore2846d ago

I would understand not having it due to the price, but if you could have any controller for either price, I'd much rather use the gamepad than something like a dualshock

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blawren42846d ago

I use the gamepad almost exclusively. I rarely use the pro controller. I like the size and offscreen play is well utilized.

Skaymore2846d ago

Haha same, I don't even own a pro controller because I don't see the need. I would only use it for multiplayer

blawren42846d ago

Multiplayer mario kart was the only reason i bought the pro controller. I do like the pro controller a lot though. Battery life is amazing, but lacked the gyro.

wonderfulmonkeyman2846d ago

I use it daily, both for games and web surfing/youtube now that my computer has crapped out on me.
The advantages it offers in games are great: inventory management, off-tv play, maps that are constantly displayed without pausing or taking up tv space, quick switching of gear, adding more powers/abilities than shortcuts on traditional controller buttons can hold, It's basically just better for gameplay because it has all the buttons plus the screen for additional options.

It's a shame that traditionalists hated change too much to give it fair credit and instead just looked at it as if it were a tablet.

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LOL_WUT2846d ago

Of course the casuals loved it ;)

wonderfulmonkeyman2846d ago

Good to see you liked it, too, then.

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Skaymore2846d ago

I've never tried surfing the web on the Wii U I don't think. I usually just use my phone so I don't have to leave games. I'm curious to try it now though

Aquietguy2846d ago

If using a computer is a 10 then using a Wii U is a 9.

blawren42843d ago

You hit the home button and activate the browser. Look up anything you want like game walkthroughs or YouTube. Press home again and go right back to your game. Its that easy.

iplay1up22844d ago

I like the gamepad! Could not play X, with the pro-controller, that would be a mess!

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