SOCOM Beta Crumbles Under Demand

Sony Computer Entertainment America have this weekend publicly apologised for the issues gamers have experienced attempting to participate in the SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation public beta.

doshey5763d ago

so all these problems happen cuz u guys didnt have good enough servers to handle a beta well take note insomniac and guerrilla

Raoh5763d ago

insomniac and guerrilla will most likely will be fine.. i just took a break form the socom beta, love it.... LOVE IT .. minus the server load issues of course...

the problem, i hate to admit is sony....

Sony IMO undervalued socom.. and its fans...

so much money has been dumped into Killzone 2.. and resistsance 2 (resistance 2 gets a pass since it was a new ip launch title that worked, really good game) (and not knocking killzone 2 but its a risk)

there has been this HALO killer search for a while now.. killzone was to be the first halo killer, didnt work (halo 1 better gameplay, killzone more immersive tone)

SONY's few online hits of the ps2 includes: Everquest Online Adventures, Final Fantasy XI, AND Socom......

my point is that still to this day people are playing SOCOM 1, 2, 3, CA and the psp online

remind you of someone? pre halo 3 people were still playing halo..

Slant6 is a great company and zipper passed the baton to a great developer BUT...

Zipper is to sony as bungie is to microsoft

SONY is most likely putting plenty of money and support into resistance 2 and killzone servers.. and rightfully so, both titles look good

but socom should have received sony's first attention, it should have been a launch title

sony and zipper should have worked on that first (and maybe slant6 if zipper wants to move on like Bungie does) to get socom out


insomniac and guerrilla are getting the funding it needs... sadly .. SOCOM did not.. socom actually as a SONY title, deserves Metal Gear Solid 4 type of attention

with all that said, socom:confrontation is turning out well.. i love it .. when the servers work LOL...

WAKE UP SONY... SOCOM is and should be a staple that demands your attention and financial backing...

kspraydad5763d ago

The REAL SOCOM is coming in the form of MAG. Confrontation is just the appetizer.

maggotmx5763d ago

yeah man its a beta there is bound to be some problems bugs n wutnot in it but the gameplay is sic and ud be amazed at howmany ppl have headsets. Nice teamwork action n communication game liking it too

n4gzz5763d ago

I am not really tps gamer and i never played any socom series except psp version which really don't count. I really want to give try to this socom. If somebody can give me their beta key for a day to see how I like it, i would really appreciate it.

Happy Gaming.

GVON5763d ago

it was a lot better last night, I heard they done a tweek to the servers and there was a lot less lagg, and the loading had improved.

Tarasque5762d ago

Well correct me if i am wrong, but the game is only online multiplayer. IMO this is a sorry attempt considering this is the complete core of the game. Sure there should be some issues, but when it is barely playable most of the time it's not a good starting foundation. Considering it is online only. Well anyways they will get things lined out eventually, but i am still not impressed with the game. I will stick with COD4 and B-company for my military need's.

Yipee Bog5762d ago

does this game not come out until like 2009?

vickers5005762d ago

*sighs* They'll never learn...

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dktxx25763d ago

If this was the actual game id\'d understand the complaints but its a beta TEST. Bugs, problems and glitches will obviously be there.

Le-mo5763d ago

I like how people are reporting this, but when the Halo 3 Beta was crap it was front page news.

Raoh5763d ago

in defense of the article, this is not an attack on socom or sony

this is the message you read when you logon to socom: confrontation

patches come in the mornings and a big update expected around the time the qore subscribers get online with socom next week...

aside from some minor issues (i really think the beta is cutting it close, it should have been at the latest august, but in reality around spring)

i see people reporting the article but i dont see anything negative as its just a copy of the slant6 notice that you see when you log on

all and all, its turning out to be a great game...

i just hope they eventually bring back campaign mode in the future and either mirculously bring back boomer or a boomer like character like boomer

see what i mean with sony neglecting socom? socom is sony's master chief

whoelse5763d ago

This Beta is almost unplayable since it takes minutes to join a game. I think I will wait for it to be fixed before I get back into playing it