PlayStation VR Continues to Impress in Epic Preview Session

Push Square: "We've been lucky enough to play PlayStation VR on several occasions now, and the novelty's yet to wear off. Granted, we haven't yet had to cope with cables, plugs, and calibration – a real-world headache that could significantly reduce the thrill of entering a virtual space – but we're yet to walk away from the futuristic facemask feeling underwhelmed."

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rlow12845d ago

I've tried it once at Bestbuy, which had shown up unannounced back in May of this year and was really impressed with it. Played a space sim and it was a ton of fun.

NukaCola2845d ago

EVE Valkyrie? I played that at Gamestop. At first I was watching the TV with the shark demo and the person playing it was just sitting there twitching a little. So my attitude was meh..

I put it on and it loaded up. Holy balls! When you barrel roll in space you mind makes you think your moving at mach speeds. I came of if that like it were a real roller coaster. Sold me instantly.

Scatpants2845d ago

Eve Valkyrie with a HOTAS is one of the best things I've played on my Oculus. It really feels like you're flying a spaceship.

King_Lothric2845d ago

So many previews praising PSVR. I am very excited and can't wait to get mine.


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Garethvk89d ago

I can finally play Half Life Alyx.

mariopasta88d ago

I can finally watch pron, I mean watch pronouns be pronounced in PC VR games that were previously not available on Playstation.

crazyCoconuts88d ago

be careful not to sprain your... tongue pronouncing those pronouns

Profchaos88d ago

I'm excited for that to plus I can try fallout 4 VR always wanted to play that

crazyCoconuts88d ago

I was lucky and held off on 4 until I played it in VR. It really is pretty awesome - you'll love it.

DaReapa88d ago

The icing on the cake would be if Sony / Valve allow for a Steam Link app much like it is for the Quest 3. Likely wishful thinking, though.