Gears of War 4: Horde 3.0 lets you decide how to best defend against wave after wave

Steve Wright -- "Speaking with Stevivor, The Coalition’s Ryan Cleven, Lead Multiplayer Designer on Gears of War 4, said the game’s Horde 3.0 mode encourages you to think outside the box while still feeling like Horde."

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1143d ago Replies(3)
christocolus1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

Nice. I'm going to spend a lot of time playing Horde 3.0

spoilerjerk1143d ago

The reason I sold off my Xbox One recently was because I knew the Coalition was going to find multiple ways to ruin this franchise and this was the last game I was holding out for on the system. The multiplayer beta was a big step back, the single player demos they've shown have more in common with Judgement than the good games in the series and now they are finding a way to dismantle the best part of online, Horde Mode. Nobody wanted Gears of Overwatch. They are the next 343... taking a once great franchise and making it as average as possible.

Erik73571143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

You can get it on PC lol

EpicSandwich1143d ago

I hope they do to gears what 343 done to halo. Halo 5 has one of the best multiplayers of any game. Let's hope these guys can match that. And for the imaginary console you sold, I hope it doesn't send Microsoft bankrupt because I fear it will 😁

slate911143d ago

Lmao exactly. This gears is shaping up to be a goty contender.

iistuii1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

I spent hundreds of hours in horde mode on gears 3 & I'm looking forward to the next one. I'm not going to moan about the classes until I try them out, they may have just freshened it up instead of just rinsing more of the same, could be a gamble, but I can't wai to find out..