Will Wright Reacts To Critical 'Spore' Reviews, Reveals Personal Playing Style

EA's biggest PC game of the year and the brainchild of renowned game designer Will Wright, "Spore" hits store shelves today. The game has won Best of E3 awards and been lavished with positive pre-release coverage in the gaming and mainstream press.

So why is it getting 8s and 9s rather than 10s? And what does Wright make of reactions such as that of the New York Times' review?

On Friday, MTV had a chance to talk to Wright about the response the game has been getting, giving him a chance to clarify the goals of his design team and to reveal how he's playing "Spore."

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ianp6225649d ago

He had a very interesting and tactful reaction, and he made a good point about sales vs. metacritic ratings. Pretty much the complete opposite of Dennis Dyack, who says that people just don't "get" Too Human.

ChampIDC5649d ago

Will is smart enough to realize that sales are far better than ratings. So many developers fall into the trap that is caring too much about metacritic.

TheIneffableBob5649d ago

I do love Spore, but game developers need to stop dumbing down games. Spore was designed as a casual game from the very beginning, so I can forgive what it is now (though I am a little disappointed); but, for example, with a game like Fallout 3 that was made sometime during the development process to be accessible towards people who love to play mindless 1st- and 3rd-person shooters, that I cannot forgive. That's just blatant wanting of more sales at the expense of the quality of the game.

Menchi5649d ago

I don't think that's the right way for us players to look at gaming.

While sales are of course important to a company that needs to make money, I don't think quality should be taken away to cater for more money.

At least, as a gamer, I would prefer to play a title that got less then a million sales, but was one of the greatest of all time, as opposed to something that gets millions of sales, but is just... good.

There's a certain amount of respect that you can give to devs who can design a game that is brilliant enough to warrant an extremely high average score, and get a large amount of sales.

Soren the Cat5649d ago (Edited 5649d ago )

I kind of agree with Menchi. I felt his comment about sales and ratings was a bit arrogant saying "oh yeah, well maybe my game won't score as high, but it'll sell better." The only reason it will sell so incredibly well is because he created the Sims, I doubt this game on its own would be as successful without his name attached. I would rather have a higher scoring game than one that sells fantastic. And I reject the idea that really good, high scoring games are "too complicated" for the average or casual gamer.

ChampIDC5649d ago (Edited 5649d ago )

I'm not saying that a game should be bad and sell millions. I mean that developers should shoot for a game that people will buy and enjoy, not a game that the press will love but doesn't get the sales it deserves, such as Psychonauts. It's a good thing to reach out to a lot of types of gamers.

@1.2 Since when has Fallout 3 come off as a bad game? You don't need to stick to the exact formula of a previous game to make a good sequel. Plus, first/third person, open-world games are what Bethesda excels at.

DRUDOG5649d ago

I kind of see where you are coming from ChampIDC, but I still think that the industry needs developers who take chances and don't worry about metacritic scores or how much money the game is going to make. We've got enough developers who do those things already.

Devs should just try to make the best game possible and the scores/money will more than likely follow. Keep spitting out the same formulaic crap like Hollywood and watch your industry slowly die...

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titntin5649d ago

I'm only at the tribal stage, but I have to say, its an exciting and ground breaking product whatever else it is!

I agree that his response to criticism seems more mature than many, and his thoughts and comments are intelligent and articulate.

5649d ago
Erdrick5649d ago

Fallout 3 might not turn out to be a bad game, but it has been extremely dumbed down for the masses, thats all 1.2 was saying, that with a new IP and low expectations, this is fine. But fans of the Fallout series have known F3 wouldn't live up to their expectations since Bethesda bought the rights a few years ago, Bethesda is notorious for making their games dumber and easier with each new release, especially the TES series. Lern 2 history.

kevnb5649d ago (Edited 5649d ago )

they should care about making games that people like, not critics but everyday people. The importance devs and publishers are putting into metacritic is bad for gaming. Most consumers don't put much thought into reviews, it's no different then music or movies. Most of you here probably like a whole bunch of movies and cds that got low reviews, and hate a whole bunch more that got high scores.

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