Empty Clip Studios Interview - Groovin' Blocks (WiiWare World)

A portion of an interview by WiiWare World with Empty Clip Studios.....

WW: Do you feel Groovin' Blocks is more aimed at the causal or hardcore gamer?

FB: I would say that our game is aimed at people who like music-based games like Lumines and Rock Band.

We put a lot of thought into making Groovin' Blocks an enjoyable, long-lasting experience for everyone. For us, that meant making sure beginners and people who don't play too many games would be able to have fun immediately, and feel like they are progressing through the game. Also, being hard-core gamers ourselves, we wanted to make sure we presented an interesting challenge and progression to the most dedicated, diehard players.

The question between hard-core and casual is sometimes controversial in the industry. In the case of this game, we think the genre does appeal to everyone and we went to great lengths to make sure there is a lot of fun to be had whether for a pick-up-and-play "casual" player or a "hard-core" player who wants to truly test his/her skills and unlock everything.

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