Is No Man’s Sky a Worse Failure Than Assassin’s Creed: Unity?

TNT compares two ambitious open-world titles that failed to deliver on launch.

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Hugodastrevas776d ago

Is a duck a better vegetable than a armchair?
Find out in this article!

Palitera775d ago

More like "is a river of money worse than truckloads of money?"

775d ago
uth11776d ago

I feel like everybody is missing the point of NMS. It's a very ambitious project, attempting to do something that has never been done on that scale before. And here everybody wants to compare it a typical, annualized AAA franchise.

NMS is like an envelope-pushing piece of art. Art stirs peoples emotions, positive and negative. Makes us ask uncomfortable questions. New art scenes are met with resistance from the old-guard, sometimes angrily, it won't be understood at all by the non-art crowd. (I.E. all the gamers who feel it isn't fun enough)

But for some people NMS stirs existential questions/challanges. For some it maybe it makes people think about game design approaches, others are in awe of the discovery aspects. I think it succeeds as art on some level, and maybe appreciated as such once the "I wuz lied to, I demand refund" noise subsides.

Nitrowolf2775d ago (Edited 775d ago )

Just because it exceeds in some areas doesn't excuse it from anything else.

People are missing the point of the game because they were lied to to begin with as to what the game was or had. That's like me telling you that this car I'm selling you is in excellent condition and you come back to me a day later to figure out that was a lie and then me saying "you're missing the point it drives"

There's no question that the game does accomplish some design feats, you can call it art no doubt just like you can call any video game art or for the matter you can call any blank canvas art hang it in the museum and sell it for thousands of dollars.

Christopher775d ago (Edited 775d ago )

Not to say that Sean didn't lie, but I guarantee as well that 99% of the people who picked up the game wouldn't be able to cite anything other than 'seeing another person' as an item Sean mentioned but didn't end up being in the game.

Let's be honest, the game had a ton of attention and a ton of people just waiting for it to fail. But, if it didn't have that, it would have gone completely unnoticed for what it lacked.

But, with AC Unity, you don't need anyone else to tell you what was wrong with the game. You saw it in the first few minutes of the game.

Both are bad, so hard to compare. One stings a bit more solely because it's broken promises and not just the usual shitty development.

fei-hung775d ago

Both may have been a buggy mess at launch, but one is missing several key features and there is no indication if, when and at what cost they will be released.

Loktai775d ago

unity was never fixed for the most part, and was monetized out the ass that's what broke it, the always online money-shoveling background processes.

Orbilator775d ago

Love it , does everything i ever wanted it to do. Not sure why its getting so much hate. Refund thing is nonsical. 24 hours from purchase maybe but after thst your just taking the piss.

kevnb775d ago

It's just procedural generated never ending boredom. There's very little to actually do in the game.

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annoyedgamer775d ago

Is game X worse than Y? Find out after the break!

MilkMan775d ago

No Mans' Sky has officially overtaken WatchDogs and Unity as the poster child for bullshit devs with bullshit lies.

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