Beyond the Game: Burnout Paradise

Welcome to PlayStation Universe's first edition of Beyond the Game. This inaugural feature will look beyond the gameplay of Burnout Paradise and into the game's soundtrack. A year ago, EA partnered with Nettwork One to form a new record label entitled Artwerk. It is through this label that I am being given the opportunity to discuss music and gaming with bands like From First to Last, Chromeo and today's featured group, Jupiter One. So without much else to say, let's jump out of this world and into the atmosphere that is Jupiter One.

Are you a fan of the 1960s TV show, Lost in Space? If so, you're going to recognize the name Jupiter One as the failed starship from said TV show. The band, which was formed in 2003, started off as just your run-of-the-mill instrumental group but quickly changed direction when their keyboardist Zac Colwell found out that their lead guitarist Kaoru Ishibashi could sing. It was from this moment that Jupiter One would take that step forward to begin producing their infectious sound for listeners worldwide to appreciate.

The road to success within the music industry is a long one, and is usually filled with influences both past and present. I had the chance to discuss this with Ishibashi to find out which bands influenced the sound of Jupiter One the most.

"We always liked the Beatles and other old bands which survived like David Bowie and Pink Floyd. We kind of started off when instrumentalism was strong, like the late 90s," states Ishibashi. "It took us awhile to really look deep and figure out what we wanted to do. Therefore a lot of our inspiration really comes from way back. Like we're into The Police and we're also always checking out present contemporary bands as well."

If you've ever listened to any tracks from Jupiter One, you're able to hear the.....

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