The Challenges of Bringing the Gran Turismo of PC to PS4 and Xbox One

Kunos Simulazioni the studio behind Assetto Corsa reveals the challenges it faced in bringing the game to the PS4 and Xbox One.

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Tallpine2853d ago

I was going to read it but I ain't turning my ad-block off, the headline is very strange.

Kingthrash3602853d ago

What kind of bait is this?? Tastes funny.

TXIDarkAvenger2853d ago

Should have just said "The Challenges of Bringing Assetto Corsa to PS4 and Xbox One".

Retroman2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Title should be "The challenges of porting Assetto Corsa from PC to the PS4/Xone"

dang TXI we think alike lol

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FallenAngel19842853d ago

You couldn't just put Assetto Corsa in the title

rainslacker2853d ago

GT sets the standard. If other prolific games on other systems are considered the GT of those platforms, that says a lot about the actual reputation of GT as a whole.

Not that the article title isn't silly and unneeded to actually express it's point....other than the fact many console gamers aren't really that familiar with the Assetto Corsa IP itself.

2853d ago
rainslacker2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

And yet, GT is still considered the standard that all others compare to....at least to put it hyperbolically.

Doesn't really matter which is better. My comment is more about the perception. People drone on and on about how GT has fallen, and Forza is better(although Assetto Corsa is arguably better than Forza or GT), yet it doesn't mean much since Forza doesn't sell nearly the same as GT, nor is the mind share of Forza anywhere close to what GT has been able to achieve over the years.

GT is ingrained within the whole racing communities minds well outside of video games. It is not just a video game, but a culture. It has set standards, it has delivered quality games, it has constantly improved. Not everything may be as good in it as some other games may achieve, but it didn't achieve it's status by the franchise being on the decline.

As far as the two different approaches, I think Sony is approaching a similar train of thought with GT and DriveClub. Both tend to do what you speak of. Only difference is is that MS latched onto the Forza name to make the IP more appealing to those who were into Forza, instead of letting it stand on it's own. Most people don't discern the difference between the two, and I'd wager the less hardcore, aren't even aware of the differences.

You'd be hard pressed to find people who don't know about GT if they are into gaming or racing at all. Forza on the other hand, you'd have a lot of people asking what it was unless they owned an Xbox, or followed racing games closely.

So again, the mind shares are much different, and GT is the standard that many driving games get held up to. Even on PC, it's not uncommon for those games to be compared to GT, although some of the PC racing games are much more evolved than anything on consoles. GT is just that well known and respected, regardless of which you feel is better.

noksucow732853d ago

Yeah. Gran Turismo used to rule, but i think the torch has been passed to Forza. Not knocking GT at all, but i just think Forza has stepped in, and done what Gran Turismo did for the original playstation, for the 360, and never looked back.

rainslacker2853d ago

No. Forza has gained a much better reputation since it's launch, although it was never really bad, but it is nowhere close to having the same impact that a GT game can have upon it's release.

Forza is mostly a game known about to people who play on Xbox. It has not acheived the level of acclaim among the general public like GT has.

Forza has a long way to go before it supplants GT as a whole, and it would likely mean that MS would have to push the IP as a whole in a way that is extremely active in the general racing community like Sony does with GT, and it would take years to achieve, because GT took years to achieve this.

Forza isn't a slouch of a racing game. It is of high quality, and it quite good, if not an excellent racing game. But that doesn't make it the standard that everything else will be compared to. Outside console war debate forums, I never see Forza being used as the bar setter, and as I said, you'd be hard pressed to find racing fans who would consider Forza the pinnacle of the racing experience or better than GT, if they even were aware of Forza at all.

Forza's quality is actually moot to the point I'm trying to make, nor am I trying to dismiss it's quality....just stating that GT is a bar setter, and it got that status for very real reasons, and spent years achieving it's reputation. Forza might be at the point that GT was on the PS1, but it hasn't achieved what GT managed to do on the PS2, and the PS3 in terms of mind share or being the very definition of a system seller.

airforcex2853d ago

GT sets no standard. This has been thoroughly discussed on multiple YouTube channels, gaming podcasts, and...sim racing sites. One OK game per console generation while others produce better content more often. BTW, notice the shift in strategy for GT Sport. Basically following what the rest of the sim racing world has been doing. The title was delusional. GT was king 10 years ago.

rainslacker2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Then why is GT often the game that many other racers get compared to?

If it is not a standard, then why make the comparison?

Seems a lot of Xbox fans are quite upset that GT has gained the success it does, and that Forza has yet to achieve it's level of success. It took a while for GT to get where it did. It took a lot of work to get where GT is.

I'm not discussing the actual quality between Forza and GT, or even GT's quality against any other racer, I'm simply stating that GT is in a position to be the benchmark for comparison, simply due to the familiarity that people have with it.

In much the same way WOW is the standard for MMO comparisons. COD is the comparison for yearly FPS shooters. Same way Mario is a standard for platformers. and we could find an example of what sets the standard in every genre that exists, and is considered the premiere game in any genre by the general consumer.

If you only think of it on the level of what you think is actually true, and ignore what the general consumer perceives, then yes, Forza may have surpassed GT in some ways, even though it hasn't in many, but there is no denying the fact that GT is by and large, a premiere racing franchise that extends far beyond the video game itself, and no other racing game to date has managed to achieve the level of brand recognition or perceived quality that GT has. Arsetto Corsa isn't really that well known outside PC gaming. Forza isn't that well known outside Xbox gaming. GT is a worldwide brand with it's own franchises within racing as a whole, and for generations has been the premiere console racing game. What GT Sport may or may not be when it releases is completely moot to my point, and no one here can say that GT:S, or GT7 if it comes, won't surpass Forza beyond blind hope that it happens to.

I agree that the title was delusional, but you are also delusional if you think that Forza is anywhere near as popular or at the point of being the standard for comparison when trying to frame the notion the way this article is. By and large, GT would always be the go to comparison whether it's king of the hill now or not.

Kingthrash3602853d ago

Lol same lot who think gears and halo are still a thing...even after lowest sales ever for halo and lowest review scores for gears. Both have been regurgitated too many times....as for forza, it's never been a seller.

Obscure_Observer2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )


Yeah, whatever makes you sleep better. Cold hard facts for you are:

You Sony Fanboys (no offence to real fans) should put your money where your mouth is.

Halo 5: Guardians sells 4.10 Millions copies worldwide
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End sells 3.72 Millions copies worldwide

Even with the PS4 double + install base, Halo 5 manage to outsell the FINAL chapter of Sony´s biggest franchise. Talk about irony. ;)

Goldby2852d ago


yes you may ahve gotten 4million and change with Halo5, but what other big titles were released around then? not to mention that was holiday season (Sales), and halo5 guardian xbox counted as sales of the game.

UC4 was released in May of this year, and sold more in the initial week than halo 5 did (with all their bundles and deals) its not Sony's problem we have more selection of games to choose from instead of relying on 3 games and the odd new IP

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II__BONE__II2853d ago

This article should be removed......Very suspicious.

Vegamyster2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Title should be "The challenges of porting Assetto Corsa from PC to the PS4/Xone" lol.

zodiac9092853d ago

N4G has reached to point where it doesn't even matter if the title of the article is correct.

Angeljuice2852d ago

The developer says that GT was the visual benchmark they aimed for when initially developing the game.

They wanted to make GT for PC. That is why it's in the title.

zodiac9092852d ago

I see I see. Makes sense.