Censorship in Game Localization is Nothing New

Censorship in game localization is not a new phenomena, as it has been going on ever since the SNES days, although it is only now that it's made a huge stir

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guywazeldatatt1976d ago

very interesting article. it's funny how wer're having a craze of people screaming about localization now when back in the day it was just a given this is the way things were.

lifeistranger1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

in this day and age censorship is unacceptable, bottom line. we live in a global world. anime is imported, censor-free. no reason games shouldn't be the same.

TheSuperiorGamer1976d ago

yet how many of those otaku actually make up a large market of the anime industry? very little.

lifeistranger1976d ago

they are the reason the industry evolved into what it is. streaming is nice, but it's original japanese. yeah there are localized dvds but packaged with the original. no reason nintendo shouldn't do the same.

guywazeldatatt1976d ago

to @thesuperiorgamer pay no heed he's just trolling you and veering discussion off topic. the anime industry and video game industry are so so so so so different.

guywazeldatatt1975d ago

The people who play Xenoblade and Fire Emblem are a more mature audience. they should be treated as such.

rjason121975d ago

Maturity doesn't affect that 13 year olds in skimpy clothes isn't acceptable in the US, any argument against that will make you look like a pedo.

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TheSuperiorGamer1976d ago

looking back at the changes at ALTTP I was beyond surprised. this has been going on for so long. but it's a necessary evil. it won't stop. there are instances to call companies out on certain things, but, many examples, save few, in my view, were fine. they have to make it marketable to the US. bottom line. if that helps it sell, bottom line. as long as it stays true overall to the story.

TheSuperiorGamer1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

something that struck me. things have gotten so much better. people just want to focus on the bad than good though. Japan's social structure is VASTLY different than ours. Of course there will be things that would have to be changed. that is a part of localization. And you have no idea how hard it is for those localization guys. They do their absolute hardest, only to be shitted on when half the time these decisions aren't theirs.

Ashlen1976d ago

The people who they are censoring things for aren't ever the intended audience. The people who are actually going to buy the products say time and time again they want them in their original form.

TheSuperiorGamer1975d ago

@ashlan not taking a position but that may be a small, vocal minority. we have no way of quantifying it.

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blackblades1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Back then we didn't have internet to get info about games being censored and was unaware of games being censored. Another thing censoring is funny and make no sense. JP porn is censored which is senseless as well as they can't even show nips in games but they love sexual nature in the games also some anime has nips and games dont. America has nips and sex scenes in our games but jp games in america gets censored. It's all on japan.

annoyedgamer1975d ago

Back in the day, homosexuality was a crime. it's funny how we're having a craze of people screaming about it now when back in the day it was just a given this is the way things were.

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TheOldSuitedMan1976d ago

Censorship is strange. I don't see the point in it, but I guess publishers are worried about offending anyone.

guywazeldatatt1976d ago

it's more about adjusting it to your target audience. there are things socially acceptable in japan that just aren't here.

Vits1975d ago

Pretty much this.

I think the real problem appears when censorship is exaggerated, changing parts of the story, deteriorating some characters characterization or tearing parts of the game without substituting that for something else (see FE Fates).

Or when it simply fails to hit it's audience, for example #FE. A game about Japanese pop culture, tha ironically, has parts of that said pop culture removed.

TheSuperiorGamer1976d ago

everyone's offended about something these days. maybe this is just the next excuse.

blawren41975d ago

Blame it on the esrb... I am glad exists. People should know what they are buying. Every locale has their own rules for acceptability for all media. Deal with it. Publishers have to make decisions based on rules and we have no idea the pressure they face. Lay off hand enjoy the game.

MrBrofist1975d ago

I've been saying this for years.

This is nothing new.
Some of the best games of all time have had content changed/removed during localization ...and it wasn't just Nintendo doing it also.

Square changed the beer drinking game in to soda in Chrono Trigger
Capcom changed the crosses on the tombstones in the Transylvania stage into RIP in Ducktales
Sony changed music that had a Muslim chant in LIttle Big Planet
Sony also changed UnJamma Lammy's stage 6 from her going to hell to her going to an island
Sony also got rid of Tawnya Bandicoot (from Crash 1)because parents thought she was too sexual for a kids game and replaced her with would be sister/sidekick Coco.
Still doesn't bother me because these games are still fun to play. If it isn't a crucial plot element and just cosmetic then it's no biggie.
People are just making a mountain out of a mole hill

rjason121975d ago

They really especially when they get into underage girls in very revealing clothing.

skycaptin51975d ago

Censorship has always been in games, it's just with modern times you can clearly see when it's happening which makes people comment on it. Hopefully with the push of region free gaming this generation it'll happen less

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