Hooked Gamers: Legendary Preview

Legendary, previously known as Legendary: The Box, is soon to be another FPS on the market. However, will this unique mix of human and beast enemies give it enough edge in the market to stand out from the competition?

You are Charles Deckard, an art thief, and you've been hired by a shadowy, mysterious organisation to steal the Pandora's Box. However, during the heist, Deckard, ignorant of the dangers and reality of the box's power, opens the box, causing hoards of angry beasts from every myth, folklore and fairytale to escape the confinements of their prison. Chaos seeps out into the streets of New York, and eventually all around the world. Now beasts are fighting the mankind along with the cities themselves, attempting to return the world to the state the beasts once knew. Deckard is left with a strange signet, which may be the key to the mankind's salvation.

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