Is PC gaming dead?

There was a time when personal computers were the tools of choice for hard-core gamers. But four years ago, on the brink of the release of the PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360, analysts were proclaiming the death of PC gaming.

These new consoles – well, Sony's PS3 and Microsoft's Xbox – were more powerful than the computers at the time, and were integrating with home entertainment systems to provide high definition experiences beyond just gaming. Nintendo, meanwhile, offered a completely new approach to gaming with its Wiimote controllers.

And this year, Electronic Arts decided to kill the PC versions of many of its popular sports titles, including Madden NFL 09, Tiger Woods PGA Tour and NBA Live. LucasArts is releasing The Force Unleashed, its new Star Wars title, on every platform except PC.

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Winter47th3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

PC withstood the test of time when generations of consoles faded away, so no, not now, not anytime soon.

El_Colombiano3746d ago

Exactly. Bubbles for not being a blind console owner.

SaiyanFury3746d ago

Sorry there are plenty of people out there including myself who have PCs easily capable of running current games released, and we do. I've been playing Oblivion, DiRT, GRID, Crysis, and many others on my PC and they run better than on the consoles at higher resolutions with higher graphical settings. I hate to tell all the non-believers about the status of PC gaming, but it's not dead. Today I bought Mercenaries 2, another title that will run better on my PC than any console out today, and I love it. I own both a 360 and PS3 for the record and I have many titles for them. I'm not blindly defending the PC platform, I'm merely showing that it's not going anywhere.

ShinMaster3746d ago

PCs are unstable.

I'd rather have a solid console, in which every game I buy is guaranteed to work.

Deadman643746d ago

I agree. I'd rather the game be optimized for my system rather than having to worry about optimizing my system for the game.

El_Colombiano3746d ago

How are PC games unstable? Are you trying to run a game with your integrated graphics chip? Or DDR memory? Do you still have a Pentium 3?

tsincaat3746d ago

If you have a decent amount of PC experience, and purchase games that have been written correctly for PC hardware, you should have no problem. This kind of thing goes both ways, give Team Fortress 2 on the Xbox 360 a try.

There are plenty of buggy games that run terribly on consoles.

kesvalk3746d ago

why they still make this stupid articles?

the same question was made when the PS2 launched and the PC Gaming is still alive, it will not die now, it will not die never.

heck, the only "real" hardcore gamers play in the PC, they are the ones that put a lot of cash only to run their games in their fullest, that keep playing for days without sleeping and such...

i was a PC gamer, and i just know that it have the strongest and largest gamerbase and they will not switch to consoles so easily...

heck, Warcraft 3 and Diablo 2(and even the first one) are still being played! it's like, if this games don't die, how the heck PC gaming will?

El_Colombiano3746d ago

Great, great response my friend. Have a bubble.

lsujester3746d ago

That's not to even mention the huge following of MMORPGs. Some of those people will never get off the PC.

I myself still enjoy a little Counter-Strike everyday, and occasionally buy new games to play. Several series will also be in my staple, including Total War, Civilization, anything from Blizzard or Valve, and several shooters like Crysis, etc.

Ninja-Sama3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Though he mentions piracy, the majority of the article speaks very favourably about PC gaming "growing at an alarming rate" and "showing no signs of death"...

silvacrest3746d ago

the only thing that could kill PC gaming is possibly piracy but even then the ammount of pirates would need to increase alot and in my opinion people who pirate games were unlikely to buy them anyway

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Marty83703746d ago

It's not dead yet, but piracy is doing it no favours.

lsujester3746d ago

But clamping down on piracy just drives away the customers.

Just ask the music biz.

ChickeyCantor3746d ago

Is ThiS QuestioN StUPid?

These things are asked and looked at before.
PC's are the universal tools for "programming" so hell no that its dead.

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