Assetto Corsa on console: our initial impressions

VVV: "If you're a console owner and a fan of racing games, chances are you've been envying PC players who have had access to Assetto Corsa for the last few years, which has built up a reputation as one of the finest racing simulators on the market.

Thankfully, console owners are no longer left out as Assetto Corsa launches today on PS4 and Xbox One, representing a new wave of hardcore PC racing simulators being ported to console following Project CARS last year.

We've been playing Assetto Corsa extensively on both formats and bring you our initial impressions in a special extended podcast."

chipps2858d ago

I was so looking forward to playing this game on PS4,loaded it up,straight to the options to check the controls and change them to accelerate and brake on the right stick,gear down on L2 and gear up on R2
What a over sight!!! no option for the right stick, tried playing with default controls and imo it sucks,trading this game in today!!

ONESHOTV22858d ago

dude i use a PS3 controller on pc and i have no problem just drive with what you have and enjoy the game if not then it's not for you

2858d ago
nix2858d ago

Playing games like AC, a simulation game with controllers isn't doing justice to the game. I used to play GT with controllers too until i purchased Logitech GT wheel. I never went back to controllers.

ONESHOTV22858d ago

nix--- yeah that is very true but i currently dont have the space to put the full set and i dont want to just buy one thing and then miss some thing else if you get what i mean

texag2011---- i answered to him becuase he was bi--tching about a controller setup that shouldn't matter this is not GT just use the normal controls if he can't do that then GT is coming up soon and i thank him for buying the game the devs already got their money.

ONESHOTV22858d ago

the guy is right this is not a car collection game if you want that you are looking at the wrong game pick your car and do as many laps as you want trust me you won't want to get off.


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Knushwood Butt465d ago

Add PSVR2 support to ACC and I might play it.

ApocalypseShadow464d ago

Same. Good sales. But if they are smart, they'll release a VR update on console for PS VR 2. Get more sales. More money.

TheColbertinator464d ago

Impressive series and well known for being challenging

ChiefofLoliPolice464d ago

Jesus really? Damn I didn't know Assetto Corsa was that popular. Now that I look at the sales numbers and the sheer about of mods for the PC version I guess I can see it now.

Obscure_Observer464d ago

Really impressive numbers.

There´re more racing simulators fans out there than most racing games studios acknowledges.

Father__Merrin464d ago (Edited 464d ago )

Wish AC1 was at least one X enhanced but it's only sold a lot because of its price

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