5 Games as Overhyped as No Man's Sky

The new sci-fi exploration game is far from the first game to suffer from high expectations and too too much advance praise.

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TC731837d ago

No game has been as overhyped as No Man's Sky.

deafdani837d ago

For me, the most overhyped game I've ever seen, especially on this site, was Watch_Dogs.

People were expecting it to be the second coming of Jesus or something. Ever since it was revealed, you couldn't go a day without seeing at least 10 articles about Watch_Dogs on N4G, it became incredibly annoying.

In the end, when the final game ended up being merely "good", everyone shat on it because it wasn't OMFGWTFBBQ BEST GAME EVAR MAED!!!11!


Deathdeliverer837d ago

For me 2 super hype turned super letdown games were LA Noire and Quantum Break. LA Noire had its moments but it was boring beyond belief.
Quantum Break sucked very bad to me. It was like a great idea that was very poorly executed. So much dumb stuff in the game on top of being repetitive.
Let me add one more. Infamous second son. Now it wasn't a super letdown, but it did not live up to the hype. The powers, acting and story were great to me. The repetition was painful as hell though.

SolidGear3836d ago

L.A. Noire was the one decent thing Rockstar had a hand in. I know Team Bondi did alot of work but it would've never released if not for Rockstar. L.A. Noire and Red Dead are the only noteworthy things Rockstar will be known for.