Digital Downloads Update September 5th 2008

Each week Format War Central compiles a list of the latest movie and TV show releases on various platforms which include the Xbox Live Video Marketplace and Playstation Video Network, hit the jump to see what's in store this week!

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TrevorPhillips4320d ago

since im from AUS i cannot get those movies cause there only from the 360 and the ps3 america but then i can buy bluray and hddvd movies :)

Elven64320d ago

You might have access to the VUDU releases I believe if you get VUDU in Australia, we are working on Netflix as well.

TrevorPhillips4320d ago

this site has alot of great news maybe i should visit it more often

Elven64320d ago

We should have the Netflix up before the new Xbox 360 dashboard rolls out if things go well :)