US gets Far Cry 2 on October 21

Though Far Cry 2 has long had a general October release, it now has an official October 24 launch date on the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3--in Europe, anyway. American Ubisoft reps confirmed to GameSpot that the game will launch in the US on all three platforms three days prior on Tuesday, October 21. The date had been listed by online retailers for some time, but is now officially official.

Far Cry 2 will retail for $49.99 for the PC and $59.99 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. As part of Today's European announcement, Ubisoft unveiled a collector's edition of the game (pictured), which will also include an "Art of Far Cry 2" book, a guide book, the obligatory making-of DVD, and a map of the game's 50 square-kilometer open world. In the UK, the CE will be available exclusively through retailer GAME. Ubisoft reps confirmed that the CE would also arrive in the US under a similar arrangement, but had no further details as of press time

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Anemeros4317d ago

Same day as Fable 2... [sarcasm] That's smart planning, Ubi. [/sarcasm]