Video Shows New PS4 Slim Dualshock 4 Controller - Hands On

A new video shows the New PS4 Slim official Dualshock 4 controller with a light bar on the touch pad and a fully matte finish.

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Intentions1149d ago

Wouldn't that drain the battery even more?

Assuming if it stays lit, which probably won't be anyway, but still it will be flashing when you turn it on until it connects as shown in the video.

Nitrowolf21149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

The battery has been improved apparently,but even so

sergons1149d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

There is no battery improvements

Edit. to all those idiots who hit the disagree button

SniperControl1148d ago


You might want to read his further tweets.......

shortman82 ‏@shortmaneighty2 2h
@Chadm2k13 To be honest i was just about to say that i have now owned the console for 24hrs and the controller is STILL on 2 bars.

shortman82 ‏@shortmaneighty2 2h
@Chadm2k13 Sorry meant 48 not 24 :-/

crazychris41241149d ago

Definitely needs a battery improvement

rainslacker1148d ago

LED's draw so little power that it's not going to make that much difference in battery life. The current LED's on high settings, would maybe drain 10 minutes out of the charge from the current battery. Using the analog stick and triggers regularly would draw significantly more power, and the biggest power requirement is going to be the monitoring of the touchpad inputs, as well as the radio transponder which broadcasts the controller to the system.

The idea that turning off the LED's would significantly improve battery life is a huge misconception that's been in existence since the system came out. The reason the battery in the DS4 doesn't last that long, relative to other controllers, is that the battery has a relatively small capacity for the amount of overall power that is required to use it....and that power isn't being greatly increased by the LED's itself.

In any case, the light at the top is likely just funneled from the already existing LED's that reside on the back side of the controller.

ziggurcat1148d ago

"The idea that turning off the LED's would significantly improve battery life is a huge misconception that's been in existence since the system came out."

I have been saying this the entire time. the LEDs for the light bar use so little energy that they have very little to no effect on the overall battery charge. the option to dim is good, don't get me wrong, but as other people have mentioned, I think that the rumble feature, and enabling sound from the controller both have greater impacts on the duration of the battery's charge.

mac_sparrow1148d ago

It's refreshing to see someone who appreciates the miniscule power draw of a single rgb led cluster.

The amount of people I know who have convinced themselves that it makes a significant difference to them explains why people's world views are so skewed, they're so easily influenced by the media.

As for the sticks, never had a problem until last week. Now I'm going to be replacing the sticks on 2 of my controllers as they've both decided to crumble in a week!

one2thr1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Finally someone besides me has realized that the processor for the touch pad is the main culprit behind the ds4 battery draining so quickly. Last time I checked its the same processor found on some raspberri pi units.

korgun1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

yeah misconception

UnHoly_One1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Agreed that the light bar won't make a big difference on battery, but you can't blame people for thinking it would.

They blame it just because it is light, and people equate light with power. Plus for the most part it is completely unnecessary and most people would have it turned off if there was an option to do so.

rainslacker1148d ago


Yeah, I don't blame people for wanting to turn it off. I don't really know if it's absolutely required to run on all games, and seems if one doesn't have a camera, it's completely optional.

I find it mostly superfluous to how I use a controller, and never even notice it, so the "alerts" that devs can program in for their game are mostly useless for me. Putting it on top will make it more noticeable, but I could see how it could be distracting. I prefer the only light when I'm playing to be from the TV, and the dim overheads to help prevent eye strain.

Obviously it'll have a purpose for those with a camera and a motion control game, and for PSVR, but otherwise it should be completely optional. At the very least, people would realize it would have no appreciable effect on the actual battery life.

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II__BONE__II1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

The light will be basically piped off the same light,...there will be a fiber optic clear plate that will split and feed the front and the other will be fed to the top,...It will use no more battery power than before.
I took a controller apart and the actual lights on the DS internal circuit board are about 1 a millimeter Sq. which is very very small. The light shines up through a fiber optic clear plastic plate to the light bar on the front. They will just split the plate in 2 directions or something to that effect but it will still use the same light to light both.
Here is a video where he points out where the light comes from, you can see how small they are and how it is piped up to the triangle window making it look a lot bigger and brighter than the light really is. go to about 12:52 into the video.
BTW,... The light on the DS is so very small it uses very little power to begin with.

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MasterCornholio1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

In case anyone is wondering it's so you can identify the player colors easier.

I'm wondering about the other improvements that they made if any.

gangsta_red1149d ago

Really? So just looking at the huge light at the top wasn't easy enough?

Ninver1149d ago

My thoughts exactly. I mean how how lazy do they think gamers are? Lol

Rimeskeem1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

when you are in a well lit room the light bar on the back isn't viewable holding the controller correctly.

gangsta_red1149d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

I'll edit mine too.

If you are in a well lit room i dont see how the small light in the front will make a difference.

SniperControl1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Games like Killzone Shadowfall use the light bar as a energy/life indicator, cant exactly flip over the controller in the middle of a firefight to see your energy levels can you? GTA5 uses the lightbar by flashing red and blue when being chased by the cops, a light indicator on the touchpad would easily show when you have escaped the cops view and to calm down your driving.

bloop1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Is it not because everyone complained about seeing the light bar reflection in their tv screen?? That would make more sense to move the light bar to where it is now.
Edit: Oh, I didn't know the original light bar was still there too!!

MasterCornholio1148d ago

Ever thought that they might give you the option to turn it off in that controller?

ziggurcat1148d ago

"If you are in a well lit room i dont see how the small light in the front will make a difference."

well, it's a good thing that both situations where we've seen the light bar on the touchpad in operation (in the unboxing video, and this one) have been in well-lit environments, and both times the light was clearly visible to prove this statement false.

milohighclub1148d ago

"Games like Killzone Shadowfall use the light bar as a energy/life indicator, cant exactly flip over the controller in the middle of a firefight to see your energy levels can you? GTA5 uses the lightbar by flashing red and blue when being chased by the cops, a light indicator on the touchpad would easily show when you have escaped the cops view and to calm down your driving."

all this information is on the screen.

SniperControl1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )


Not disagreeing with you, but most games now a days offer the option to turn off the in-game HUD.

gangsta_red1148d ago


So you are saying that the light is still visible in a will lit room therefore proving Rimeskeem's statement wrong? Because you quoting what I said makes no sense at all. Unless of course you're doing your usual shtick.


"all this information is on the screen."

I agree, don't see too many people actually looking down at their controller for this information when it is all displayed on a HUD. This was a main complaint for the Wii U when some gamers didn't want to keep looking down at the second screen for inventory options during gameplay.

Kingthrash3601148d ago

well xbox 100$ kinect's main use was to say "xbox on" instead of pressing a button...sooooo yeah that lazy. Lol

ziggurcat1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

"So you are saying that the light is still visible in a will lit room therefore proving Rimeskeem's statement wrong?"

you're clearly referring to the touch pad light as the "small light in the front" because your position has already been made clear that you find it pointless/ridiculous (demonstrated by your incredulity towards people for not tilting the controller up to look at the light bar while they're in the middle of playing their game), and just argued that it would make no difference in a well-lit room. the two videos showed that, even in well-lit environments, the "small light in the front" is clearly visible, and because it faces up the entire time, it would allow people to see the colour of the light more easily without having to tilt the controller. the "huge light at the top" (what you've referred to the current light bar as being) is not visible only because when you're holding the controller correctly, the light isn't facing you. if you were to awkwardly hold the current controller with the "huge light at the top" pointing up at you at all times, then it would be just as visible as the "small light in the front", even in a well-lit room.

gangsta_red1148d ago


I suppose this is what happens when you try and pick a fight and don't know the context of the actual conversation.

Not to mention Rimeskeem edited his comment a couple of times so maybe that is where the confusion and your misplaced anger is coming from. But since you are so hellbent on trying to pick a fight with me on N4G, lets do this...

"has already been made clear that you find it pointless/ridiculous..."

Not true and thanks for making this up, Rimeskeem first said that the reason the light bar is now on the front is because hardly anyone noticed it where it was originally positioned. He then switched it to suggest that it's there because in a well lit room the color isn't noticeable, that is where my comment of a well lit room would make no difference if what he said is true. He then edited it even more to suggest what you are reading from him now.

So again, I'm responding to Rimeskeem because he is the one who said this not me.

As for the rest of your explanation, I seriously don't care.

Anything else?

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Neonridr1149d ago

lol.. the large glow coming off the top of the controller wasn't enough of an indicator apparently ;)

Grilla1148d ago

Top? The light is in the back when you hold it. You don't see the light unless you flip it up.

Neonridr1148d ago

@Grilla -

I don't know if you understand orientations, but the light bar is situated on the TOP of the controller where the triggers are. You do realize that the orientation of the controller is the buttons facing you correct? Thus the face buttons and analog sticks are on the front of the controller, and the triggers and light bar would constitute the top of the controller.

Loktai1148d ago

neo I don't know anyone who holds their controller in that orientation during use, if anything it may be slightly tilted up but not enough to see behind it. that's why people complained about
the LED bar reflecting in the television in the dark, not because it was facing them or "up" but because it faces the TV.

Neonridr1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

@Grilla - I am basing my orientations as if the controller was standing up on it's legs and the buttons / analog sticks were facing you. Thus the triggers are what you would call the top. Sorry, I should have specified that.

The top of the DS4 is slanted downwards somewhat where the light is, so I can see it being referenced as the back.

@Loktai - yeah, after studying it a little more I can see how the lightbar can constitute the back since it is slanted downwards.

But yes, I definitely don't hold my controller with the buttons and sticks facing straight up, that would be super awkward. Definitely angled upwards.

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Sparta071148d ago

Master, yeah I can't wait to see what improvements they made also wondering if this is the same remote neo is coming with too.
why is it always the same group of people that try to down play anything Sony? My guess is jealousy. Lol

Lsbb1148d ago

I've been noticing that myself recently

G20WLY1148d ago

They’re in denial. They want a PlayStation subconsciously, but could never admit it to themselves, let alone anyone else due to…erm, patriotism? Xbox brand loyalty? Or some other such baseless nonsense.

I have a PS4 and can tell you now; if Xbox, Nintendo or some new manufacturer presented me with a console demonstrating value over and above the PS4, with a better and more varied library, it’d be bye bye Sony from me.

The only people they’re hurting is themselves. They’ll realise this one day, but some take a while to get there lol!

KiwiViper851148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Its probably because after 3 years of hearing Xbox being bashed all over the place, the tides are finally changing and Xbox is rising to the top.

I agree it's a little early to be claiming victory.

But look at whats happened recently, Xbox One S very popular 4K Hdr stuff, PS4 slim very uninspired generic console with little improvement, if any.

Plus we have the Scorpio waiting to pounce all over Neo whenever it releases.

No wonder Sony didn't announce Slim or Neo at E3, can you imagine how ridiculous they would've looked?

Plus there's the whole argument that Xbox has actual, real life, quality games releasing this holiday. But we won't get into that...

Edit: But there's still time guys, no one will notice if you make a new account, buy an Xbox, and flip flop back to the Xbox side. Just like you flipped at the beginning of this gen.

Sparta071148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

@ kiwi, you are joking right?
Xbox rising to the top?
Lol ok how?
Because it won July as far as sales goes in USA? I would hope so. You were able to get Xboxone for cheap with free games. plus the new Xboxs just came out this month so hopefully they will win August too but that's where is going to stop. PS4 sold around 44 million Xboxone is probably around 22 million. Yeah that tide ain't changing anytime soon.
Thanks for the laugh.

KiwiViper851148d ago

Your pretty closed minded, look at the big picture, instead of worshipping what is soon to be outdated, twice over.

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rainslacker1148d ago

The light on the top seems more reasonable to actually be able to see it while playing a game. Some games use the light for indicating something is happening, but if you're sitting on a couch or recliner, you can't even see it. I can't state very many instances where those light indicators were something that drew my attention, so the whole feature seemed rather superfluous to me, with no added benefit to the experience.

Can't say this will be any better though, as I don't routinely look down at my controller when playing. I can actually see it more of an annoyance, as you now have a distinct visible light source in your periphery, which can be distracting if it's too bright.

LED never bothered me in the past, because I never noticed it, but this is something I'm kind of wondering if it can be turned off so I don't get distracted. OTOH, I'd have to wait to use it to determine if it's actually that much of a problem. I'll let others make the assumption that it's the worst thing ever and say how it ultimately ruins the entire gaming experience.

ziggurcat1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

i was playing headlander all weekend, and it wasn't until I was near the end of the game where I got up to get something to drink that I noticed that the light bar was the same colour as the sentry you were in control over in the game. so, yeah... the current light bar, despite its size, isn't always noticeable or visible while you're playing. i've also never known anyone to always hold the controller in a way that has the light bar pointing up (or towards your face) while they're playing a game.

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S2Killinit1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

Hey howcome you guys are tagging this as duplicate and when you refer to the duplicate site, the same people are calling duplicate and refering back to this site?

The news wouldnt get out that way if you call duplicate on both articles... Smh

Lennoxb631149d ago

Sooner or later you'll just have a glow stick.

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