Shin'en confirms next project will be on a Nintendo console

NE: "In a recent interview with, Shin’en Multimedia confirmed that their next project will be with Nintendo. Shin’en Multimedia, creators of FAST Racing Neo, recently confirmed that while their next project is a secret, it will be on a Nintendo console. The studio was asked what it would like to do after FAST Racing Neo."

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Neonridr1520d ago

my money is on an NX game, hence why they can't talk about it at all.

Fist4achin1519d ago

The first rule about the NX club, we don't talk about the NX club.
The second rule about the NX club,...

EddieNX 1520d ago

Fast racing Neo looks and plays like a full priced game, insanely good but insanely difficult on the hardest difficulty. Very talented team!

wonderfulmonkeyman1519d ago

They actually need to do a bit of adjusting on the higher difficulties.
The rubber-banding of the A.I. is so high that one single crash instantly leads to losing the lead, with no hope of regaining it, in many cases.
Other than that, yeah, it's a fantastic title and I can't wait to see what's next from them.
I hope Nintendo lets them work on one of their main IP's at some point; F-Zero being the obvious hope, but I'd like to see what they can do if given the reigns of a different Nintendo IP that isn't a racer.

iplay1up21520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

I hope they do another 3D platformer! Jet Rocket was fun! DLC is coming to Fast Racing Neo. Nano Assault is brutal, but fun.pretty much everything they do is great.

godmachine1519d ago

They should totally develop the next f zero.. but on another note i beat the shit out of nano assault neo. How much harder is fast racing?