Pocket Lint: Google Chrome Review

Pocket Lint writes: "he battle of the browsers rolls on, now with Google entering the fray with their Chrome browser. Becoming public on Tuesday, we got our hands on it to put it through its paces. Knowing Google, the "beta" tag will probably remain for the life of the product. So how does it fare in these early stages?

We've become accustomed to Google appearing with software solutions and are big fans of their Google Apps. It makes sense that the company with possibly the biggest name on the Internet has its own browser. A quick download and install, Chrome offers to import your bookmarks as you'd expect. It also pulls across your history, something that Google has always been pretty keen on."

The good:

+Clean design
+Eliminates top window bar
+Dynamic homepage
+Incognito option
+Separate tabs
+Download history
+Spell check

The bad:

-Some teething issues
-Flash appeared slow
-Difficult to highlight text
-Can't drag and drop text
-Back button problems
-No Java support

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lordgodalming4319d ago

Been using Chrome since it came out. Love it.

Kami4318d ago

to troll and do stupid things.

ChickeyCantor4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

I like how you can compare each running Browser in terms of memory with the Task manager in chrome.
Also love the Element inspector.

But its in 0.2 state, its light now but i bet in the end its going to be heavier on memory and such.

"Can't drag and drop text"
I could...

"Flash appeared slow"
Not with me...

Peow4319d ago

I can't seem to get RSS feeds to work. :( My only bummer with Chrome.

legacycf4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

i downloaded chrome as soon as i saw it and haven't anything else since.

almost all of the negative aspects talked about in the article were non-existent for me. i have yet to try using Java with chrome, so i don't know about that one.

-flash actually worked better than IE for me, but i did recently just upgrade my computer processing power so that might be affecting it.

-highlighting text was no different than to IE and Firefox.

"-Can't drag and drop text"- i just dragged that from above.

-back button problems: i don't consider having to hold down the back button to be a problem.

the only thing i found weird with chrome was the lack of full-screen mode, which isn't that big of a deal seeing as it pretty much is already in full-screen.