Review: Warhawk [operation: fallen star] reviews the latest Warhawk expansion pack, Operation: Fallen Star..

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PoSTedUP3877d ago

yea i know this is an incredible game and all, but SOCOM! : P

Homicide3877d ago

This expansion is awesome. Jetpacks are very fun to use. Warhawk keeps getting better and better.

KidMakeshift3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

The next addition I'd like to see is the ability to eject from ground and air vehicles. Like the seats rocket out of the vehicle and the character can use his jetpack to reach safety

qohelet3877d ago

totally agreed : eject+parachutes FTW

thor3877d ago

You already can, pretty much.... I know they don't launch out of it straight away but if you just press square to get out then double tap R2 (without pressing a direction) you'll shoot up in the air.

wAtdaFck3877d ago


Jetpacks are 10 times better!

What happens if you parachute out in the middle of the ocean ala archipelago?

qohelet3877d ago

best expansion so far, jetpacks are a good addition to the gameplay, i still get regularly raeped by veteran players...

thor3877d ago

I thought at first that the balance was all wrong, and that flying with the jetpack when you had the flag was stupid. But when I realised that actually the jetpack is not that fast and is very vulnerable to a warhawk, and you can STILL rape a base with a tank :D, it actually seems very balanced indeed. And the new map is truly awesome, just the right size. I hated the way the other expansion maps were so large.

My tank base rape kill streak record - 26 lol

macalatus3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Do you know you why you were able to tank rape that base?

The answer is simple: I wasn't there to drop cluster bombs on destroying tanks with my Warhawk cluster bombs are one my favorite things to do in the game. LOL!!

Well anyway, N4G would like to have some of your "rape a base with a tank talent" by going over the N4G forum (that's right, same site!) and checking out the two N4G clans. Yes, you read it correctly...two clans bearing the same N4G name as Warhawk is that popular you know and there are too many people for one N4G clan. Maddens Raiders and I are just two of this site's many Warhawk addicts, and we usually play Warhawk rounds every weekend with your fellow N4G brethren.

PSN: Macalatus

thor3877d ago

Hey cool I'll add you and check out those N4G clans.

PSN: Aspherex

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The story is too old to be commented.