Axiom Verge Wii U Gameplay - Opening and First Boss Battle Footage

A look at Axiom Verge for Wii U and the game's first boss battle.

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PhoenixUp1759d ago

Since Nintendo doesn't seem keen on giving fans of Metroid a new 2D outing of the iconic franchise in honor of its 30th anniversary, this is the next best thing.

Darkfist_Flames1759d ago

i remember when nintendo fans used to call this rip off, now theyr excited for this?

ZeekQuattro1759d ago

Let me take a wild guess. You saw some people on here hating on the game and suddenly that meant all Wii U owners hated the game. Sorry it doesn't work that way. lmfao

wonderfulmonkeyman1759d ago

I don't know where you saw that happening, but whether it's a rip or not, it's a good game in the same spirit as Metroid, so I can assure you that whoever was saying that, was most likely a part of a very VERY small minority of Nintendo fans, if they were even fans at all.
Most Nintendo fans I've talked to love the looks of this and are glad for the opportunity to play it.