Far Cry 2: Can You RUN It?

GameXtract writes "A couple of weeks ago we reported that Far Cry 2 was in fact not as demanding as some gamer would have thought. We listed the full requirements, but we know some of our readers are too lazy to match the requirement list to their system specs. In good news for your laziness System Requirement Lab's Can You RUN it has been updated with Far Cry 2. The process is as simple as selecting it from the list, and then watching it do its magic. It will then open up a report for you indicating if your computer can play Far Cry 2. I accidentally tried this on my laptop, and I thought I would definitely receive an epic fail from the report (Which I did). Surprisingly I received a pass in every area except for the graphic card where my tablet Dell Latitude XI did not have 3.0 shaders. You can test out your computer to see if it will run Far Cry 2 or implode on once you launch this exe. Link below!"

Get the full info, and link after the jump.

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BigKev455739d ago

Epic fail reply Charmers. The question clearly states, "Can you RUN it?" And yes you can on a PS3 or X360. PC gaming is dead anyways.

Winter47th5739d ago (Edited 5739d ago )

Although I can run it well, I'll still get the PS3 version.

PC ain't really my thing this gen.

f7897905739d ago

It can look better and have better controls with the mouse.

Winter47th5739d ago (Edited 5739d ago )

Cause most of my friends are on PS3, so i can play MP with'em, plus I'll wait a couple'a months till all those great mods start showing.

Yeah, playing the game with all those bells and whistles cranked up to the max is great but, I'll pass for now.

As for the controls, once you use the same controller design for 3 generations now, you're bound to be pretty good at it :D

snakeater35739d ago

your avatar....

"get me everyone...."

"sir? what do you mean everyone?"


Winter47th5739d ago

" I AIN'T GOT THE TIIIME, FOR THIS MICKEY MOUSE BULLLLSH!T" HAHA glad someone appreciate villains as much as i do :D

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MrWonderful5739d ago

sure i can on the console i get it on.

Charmers5739d ago

So why did you bother replying here then ? Obviously if you have a console it will run the game at 1280 x 720 at medium settings. This is for people with PC's that want to know if they can run the game at settings like 1680 x 1050 with high settings.

S-T-F-U5739d ago

Passed with flying colours :)

DA_SHREDDER5739d ago

I have a ps3. Also,, I wouldn't play this garbage on my baby anyways.