SG-PSP Episode 19: Just the PAX man…

We're back from PAX '08 with Episode 19 of the Sarcastic Gamer Playstation Podcast covering everything we saw and played. While we missed having Pacman there, Frawlz and Rothbart saw and played plenty… In this episode we discussed:

* Introductions (Pacman whines about not having fun at PAX)
* Pacman's a self-described idiot, needs an alarm clock
* Bet-check: Killzone 2 missing from PAX, LBP present… Frawlz reluctantly admits LBP is "a contender"
* GamerCast Network update with the best ever "Weeeeee….." (we think)
* LittleBigPlanet hands on impressions
* Resistance 2 multiplayer hands on impressions
* Resistance Retribution hands on impressions
* Resistance Contest (win a Resistance Retribution hat, it's a very cool hat!)
* Motorstorm Pacific Rift hands on impressions
* WipEout HD hands on impressions
* Playstation Blog breakfast at PAX
* PSP Tournament (and how horribly Roth did)
* Mirror's Edge hands on impressions
* Dead Space hands on impressions
* PSP-3000 hands on impressions
* It's Not a Roomah! "Microscopic" Podcast Edition
* Shoutouts
* Ending

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