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Digital Foundry: Hands-on with DriveClub VR

On the face of it, a racing game on PlayStation VR shouldn't stand a chance against a high-powered PC coupled with Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, but after playing DriveClub VR at Gamescom this week, our viewpoint has shifted. Simply put - this is the most immersive racing game we've played in VR to date.

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Community2883d ago
DigitalRaptor2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Well there it is. That is a glowing recommendation right there.

Not only is PSVR able to compete with the big boys of PCVR, due to a number of clever ways in which the technology was crafted, but it's also the most immersive racing game out there, for obvious reasons. Now, who would ever be foolish enough to claim that VR is not immersive?

2883d ago
Kingthrash3602883d ago

Oh boy......the hype is real . The psvr will make a splash if it does games better than the more expensive vr choices. This is what I mean when I say power isn't the key in gaming. It's the games.

freshslicepizza2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

i saw another video and the guy really enjoyed himself and actually made him a better driver. while this is a remarkable milestone for videogames let's be clear about what kind of sacrifices had to be made. the car count is now reduced to 8 from 12 so that is a huge deficit right there as well as some of the nice effects and reduced quality of the tracks visuals. a nice step forward but it's obvious ps4 neo will greatly enhance the experience and be more comparable to the higher end experiences like oculus and thrift.

it will be interesting to see what kind of compromises will be made to gt sport for vr support.

amiga-man2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Even Moldy is beginning to see VR's potential, VR is here to stay people.

October can't come soon enough.

freshslicepizza2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

"Even Moldy is beginning to see VR's potential, VR is here to stay people.

i've always seen its potential but i do know the variables that surround any peripheal as far as support goes and the hardware needed to give the best experience.

all one needs to do is read up on batman, tomb raider and all these other big games that want to tinker with vr support. guess what, they are all sectioned off from the regular games (including driveclub) because the hardware can't cope processing those games at double the frame rate to get a smooth experience. that's where ps4 neo will hopefully come in and help but vanilla ps4 owners will still get to experience vr but not in ideal conditions.

mlb the show next year will have psvr support but ps4 neo will offer a much better experience.

amiga-man2883d ago

Moldy I'm talking about VR as a whole, you have downplayed VR for some time, when all the evidence suggests VR has a big future ahead of it.

VR is far from a fad and people just like you are starting to realise that.

Mrveryodd2883d ago

hell yea , i have to buy a PS4 as well and i want a steering wheel , ps+ $1700 au right there , or more :)

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MasterCornholio2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

"Now, who would ever be foolish enough to claim that VR is not immersive?"

The same people who say the PS4 can't handle VR.


I wasn't talking about them. Just in general the ones who claim that VR doesn't work on the PS4.

SpeakTruthAlways2883d ago

Jealous and salty xbox fanboys.

Jburr942883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )


I was just gonna scroll pass your comment and not like it, but I couldn't resist. They've been pretty annoying lately.

DigitalRaptor2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

"The same people who say the PS4 can't handle VR."

It's the same people who lie about everything PSVR, in order to downplay what is going to be a huge, developing thing starting October. I would name names on account of those who refused to accept that VR is not immersive, and that PS4 vanilla can't handle VR, and that it won't be able to output games that look impressive enough to be of this generation, but that would be a bit harsh. Those folks can decide to approach the comments section here and reply to me to argue their point, but for now I'll let the crow be prepared.

To elaborate on my original comment above, the technological benefits PSVR has in place to be able to keep up with these higher-end PCVR headsets is two things:

- OLED-RGB display:
The other PC headsets (Oculus & Vive) use a higher-resolution pentile display, whilst PSVR uses OLED-RGB, which means that every pixel on the screen has an R/G/B subpixel value so it actually reduces the screen-door effect when compared to the other headsets. Proof:

- Frame-rate reprojection:
PSVR has been built with a standard for devs to not to go below 60fps EVER. With PSVR games, there's the possibility to take every frame that is output, and predict where your head is going to be using the headtracking of the Camera, to interpolate a new frame in between each native frame. So it is able to maintain a high refresh rate (of either 60Hz, 90Hz or 120Hz), comparable to PC rendering solutions. Proof:

Sony is well versed in HMD technology, and as we all know working within the limits of console hardware and is clever enough to have planned ahead, at least for the first iteration of its console VR headset. Even the first-round is looking strong.

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gamerswin242883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

I've been saying this since day one. We didn't need this article to shut up fanboys ,over 95% of reviews of psvr has been positive!!!! Rigs, Heist, Robinson, etc all look good and play good. Gamers going to best buy have said psvr is engrossing and real deal. Sony exclusives will do what they always do and make psvr a must buy and a cut above the rest!!!!!

amnalehu2883d ago

I'm sold, if I can find one or 2.

ONESHOTV22883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

DigitalRaptor----"also the most immersive racing game out there", really now at least these two games when played in vr is not a cut down version of the normal game and no i'm not trolling i know some people on this site is a bit sensitive

2883d ago
abstractel2882d ago

Whatever engine powers Driveclub, and DriveclubVR, is fantastic. Driveclub is still one of the best looking games on the PS4. I know GT Sports is 60FPS, but the environments in Driveclub are just a league above the ones in GT Sports. For DriveclubVR to look as good as it does is amazing.

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MasterCornholio2883d ago

Sounds very good. And it's on a standard PS4 to boot.

Genuine-User2883d ago

I might have to buy this. And I'm not even into racing games.

Brugal2883d ago

To me, Driveclub is one of the most underrated games this generation. I hop back into it ever so often. The VR preview does sound promising.

Exoil2883d ago

Yeah, it's actually a really good arcade racer. I just bought my kids a T80 and a Wheel Stand Pro and they love playing Driveclub with it.
Personally I like the F1 games, Dirt Rally and Project Cars more, but's that's I want my racing games to be sims

gamerswin242883d ago

Thanks for the info I'm going to look into the t80 now that u mentioned it. I need a Gd set up for my psvr racers.

Exoil2883d ago

Yeah, if you want a good wheel you might not want the T80, there's no FFB and only about 220 degrees rotation. It's good enough for my kids 6 and 4, but I'm using the T300rs. I guess you could go with the T150 since it's cheaper but almost as good though

amnalehu2883d ago

A lot of people were sleeping on DriveClub. It is still the best looking game on the PS4 and a lot of fun. I will be investing in a racing seat and wheel/flight stick for Drive Club and War Thunder. War Thunder in VR is also amazing.

rainslacker2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

It was rated pretty highly until launch day when it had all the issues and many sites changed their score, or did their review based on problems that were evident on launch day. Since then, it's become a pretty damn good game, and given the turbulent release, I managed to pick it up, with the season pass, for around $20, which I used a $15 PSN credit to purchase, and has become the best value I've gotten all this gen so far.

Only issue I have is the wonky rubber band AI, and until a few months ago, the way it was too easy to lose control of ones car at the slightest bump or miscalculation which could take you from first to last in less than a few seconds. beyond that, tons of fun once you get the driving mechanics down.

Really look forward to it with PSVR, but looking forward to GT:Sport more....because it's GT.:)


I wouldn't recommend the T80. I brought it as a stopgap until some better variety of quality wheels come out, and while I got it relatively inexpensively, I actually find the regular controller to be better to play the game. Might start looking for a good wheel now that GT is coming soon, but certainly wouldn't recommend the T80 because even though it's cheap, it's not really worth the money, and your experience won't be heightened much...if at all by it. Spending just $50-100 more will net you much better results and features, and $300+ will get you a really good wheel.