Metacritic's First Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Reviews: Ouch!

Metacritic has four scores up and the verdict isn't pretty.

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Killjoy30005311d ago

This is one of those games that you know has potential, but can't judge quality straight away from the demo.

HeartlesskizZ5311d ago

yea is a fun demo, but im not sure if I should buy it or not...

JoySticksFTW5311d ago

I too enjoyed the demo. Guess we all better rent it first before we dive in.

Killjoy30005311d ago

Yeah. You don't want to be the same people that played the Too Human demo and was b!tching and moaning "Oh it's so fun!! It's no that bad give it a break!! You wait and see when the real game comes out!!"

Torch5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

I have this pre-ordered and pre-paid with EB...but the uninspiring demo convinced me to move my credit to another game.

The Mikester5311d ago

Are you kidding me?
I would so but this game it would be the stupidest thing ever not to buy a game b/c of the frikin demo.
This game is amazing and i can't wait to get it.

Torch5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

You want the game regardless of demo impressions?

Congratulations. I don't.

You're entitled to your opinion, but I can't help but find it MORE, in your words - "stupid" - to ignore the fact that I quite simply and honestly didn't enjoy the demo and proceed to invest my hard-earned money and already-limited time into the game - only to HOPE that it's not as listless as the demo was.

If you're talking reviews, then I can somewhat agree. But in my opinion, a demo should be indicative of the things you should expect from a game.

Two cases which come to mind are Uncharted and R&C FToD: I first played both demos, LOVED them, and bought the games as a result.

And guess what? I absolutely LOVED the games - which were pretty much on par with what both demos concluded me to expect from the overall game.

But if that's the best Lucasarts can do to convince me that the Force Unleashed is going to be a good game, then the game's obviously not for me. Despite the fact that I was honestly initially looking forward to picking up my prepaid copy.

Spydr075311d ago

Nice. The Mikester has just brought anti-logic into the world. Soon, this form of thinking will spread like wildfire. Rational thinking, objective reasoning, and the like will be gone as we know it. In time we will become too stupid to function and the human race will die off.

Thanks, prick.

ikaris5309d ago

Mikester, there are also so many instances where demos didn't display the true games potential, simply because they didn't show enough (i think the force unleashed demo needed more leveling up demonstrated) and simply because the games are still in beta form.
If you didn't like the play style of the game, yes you wont like the real thing. But then you might as well just never played the demo, or posted on this forum.

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nbsmatambo5311d ago

i had fun with the demo...

using the force and sending troopers into oncoming ships lol =D

Doggstyle5311d ago

nbsmatambo, I could do that all day long.

Baka-akaB5311d ago

er no it wasnt ... crappy camera , silly targeting system , and pretty dull saberlaser fights .... and toying around with the troopers can get really old , especially with all of the above .

Was actually hoping a tiny little bit they'd fix those quirks at release.

ICUP5311d ago

I enjoy playing the demo.

squall20995311d ago

stupied dumb aZZES. sony cant do nothing right. dont blame the developers, BLAME SONY! and stop hating on ORANGE BOX its plays like sh*t on the ps3 but not on the xbox LOL all playstation potheads must go down!

Harry1905311d ago

Since when did Sony turn into LucasArts?

silverchode5311d ago

there are so many things wrong in that comment im not gana try.

buckethead_X5311d ago

XD I didn't think it was possible to fit that much pure fail in one comment. And Sony would be honored that you said they can't do nothing right. What a compliment! :P

Surfman5311d ago

youre silly, its only because Valve sux. They are 360 fanboys and dont want to develop on PS3 because its too hard for them. They are lazy.

CaitSith5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

YOU'RE on pot. Is this another typical 7 year old Xbox fanboy I'm seeing that's on weed? Think so. You look like a complete idiot with that post.

KBDuB5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

Lol. Bro, you can be a 360 fanboy. All the power to ya. But, please.. at least make an attempt to make sense.

AngryXbot5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

This game is trash people. All Star war games are trash. Just deal with it.

Why did you think they paid Namco to make PR for this game? Namco didnt include the suckprentice, Vader and Yoda in their game for free, yo. They got paid to do it. Its pretty much win-win for Namco and Lucas arts. Lucas arts gets PR and marketing, Namco gets cold hard cash.

Force unleashed never looked good. Its just a miserable spin off. You thought SC4 was good? Force unleashed doesnt even look as good as SC4 graphically. So if youre buying Force unleashed, youre cheated in a sense.

And real Star wars fan know...Lucas arts killed the star wars universe story by adding 2 students of Darth Vader, who never had any students (until 2 years ago...)

skulldrey5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

apparently you dont understand that because it isnt a ps3 exclusive on superior blu-ray, its not as good. So in reality, blame xbox.

dukadork5311d ago

ask you mum kid: potheads usually get HIGH
you're a good bot kiddy, here's some candy XD

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Closing5311d ago (Edited 5311d ago )

that it wasn't going to turn out well. I'd say the meta score will stay in the lower 7's. It's unfortunate as it did have lots of potential.