Trouble in Paradise? No Problem... just Cheat!

The folks at Blaze/Xploder are serious about cheating. They've been pioneering new ways of cheating at videogames for quite some time now, and they've been getting these cheats to the public as fast as can be imagined.

They continue this trend today with Viva Piñata - Trouble In Paradise cheats - available on the very day the title launched. Get the full scoop in their press release, on

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Johnny Rotten4331d ago

I bet daddy feels like a real man cheating while his 5yr old kid's sitting next him on the carpet.

Cheeseknight284331d ago

Why would you buy Viva Pinata if you're just going to cheat your way through?

bisonplayer174331d ago

Rare added an easy mode that gives you infinite money and lowers the requirement for getting Pinatas. Why would you cheat?

FantasyStar4331d ago

Don't get me wrong, I'm against cheating online, cheating for achievements/trophies, and cheating to be a jerk.

But I love cheating just to have fun. (ya know?) I would love to cheat in GTAIV with infinite life and endless ammo for my RPG for the ultimate carnage.

jay24330d ago

Ouch, nearly as bad as Spore leaking.