Dead Rising Remasters vs Originals Graphics Comparison

"And where is the difference?"

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PaleMoonDeath1731d ago

Getting DR1, missed out on that one. Hear it's the best one as well.

brewin1731d ago

it definitely had the best setting and story, but the sequels added so much I wish they would have done a remix of dr1 with those upgrades. But yeah the campiness of DR1 is tough to match. The bosses, or psychopaths as their called, were great in dr1 but 2 and 3 took on a more serious and realistic tone. Still great games in my opinion, but I did miss the fun cheesiness of Frank West in the other games. It was about a reporter getting the scoop, so you had more of a reason to explore and take in the world.

Krimmson1731d ago

There's a few things that aren't so great with the first one. The survivors AI is really dumb. Like, reeeaaaally dumb. As in if you had any problems with the survivors AI in DR2 or 3, keep in mind that they're still much more intelligent than the ones in DR1.

Also, infinity mode is seriously ridiculous. If you're into achievements/trophies, have fun playing the game nonstop for 14 hours trying to get that one little text saying you survived for 7 days ingame.

But overall, I still love this game. I haven't played it in god knows how long so I'm actually really excited to play it again. One thing I loved with this game over the other ones is that it's more unintentionally funny. As in the game is actually campy instead of trying oh so hard to be campy.

Randostar1731d ago

In DR1 you couldn't aim a weapon and walk at the same time. I hope they fixed that, because it made fighting some of the bosses really frickin hard.

KiwiViper851731d ago

Just a res bump. Not that these games even need remastering, the fact that they're all playable on the same console is the big draw.

But don't call it a remaster, just call it a collection...

Redx1651731d ago

Dead Rising 1 was needed for a remaster. I just wish they done more to the game. Improve AI and controls would of been great.

Skate-AK1730d ago

The games are all 60fps too.

alfcrippinjr1731d ago

hmm remaster i dont think so more likely they just clean the frame rate up wtf

would had thought it be a lot better

Auron1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

When did capcom say anything about a remaster? Re-releasing, Yes. Same as the RE 4,5,and 6 ignorant journalists at it again.

Darkwatchman1731d ago

I called it with the incredibly small size for the entire collection. Just 10GB? I knew it and people were trying to tell me I was wrong

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