Hands-On with For Honor's 4v4 Objective Multiplayer Mode | AusGamers

Out at Gamescom 2016, AusGamers was able to get a lengthy amount of time with one of For Honor's more in-depth multiplayer modes, and writes:

"But at its core, the game is a rock, paper and scissors action-adventure outing that may, or may not, suffer from a crowded room approach. The E3 demo we played, played to player strengths and, as mentioned earlier, worked tirelessly to sell the fantasy. Campaign mode in the short amount that we’ve experienced is a nice necessity that works on an aesthetic and somewhat tutorial level, but the meat of this entire experience is going to be in its multiplayer offering, which is equal parts fun and frustration.

There’s still plenty of ironing out to do, specifically where balance is concerned, but if I had to leverage any issue with For Honor so far after time with it at Gamescom, it’s in the player-controlled systems that lack in encounters with more than one player. Basically, in any one on one scenario, you can hold your own and succumbing to, or prompting your opponent’s rock, paper or scissors attack will be the difference between death and victory. You can also evade, and charge attack, but these are minor shifts away from that core three-way conflict system. The problem is, when you’re faced with more than one opponent striking you multiple times, being able to combat two, or even three different RPS attacks is nigh on impossible. The strategy then calls for running away. Or, you can try and stand your ground -- successful blocks of a handful of attacks gives you a chance to activate your Revenge mode, which is essentially a Super, but this can easily be shut down by another player’s strikes while you’re attempting to wail on one of them."

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