Zune Games by 2008

Microsoft Corp., the world's largest software maker, will introduce video games for its Zune music player within 18 months to match features available on Apple Computer Inc.'s dominant iPod.

Peter Moore, a vice president in the company's Xbox video- game business, confirmed the plan yesterday, saying the Zune's large screen will offer a better way to play handheld games. He didn't specify what games would be offered.

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jedicurt5438d ago

only a year and a half behind the competition. good job MS at creating the "iPod Killer"

dikturbo5438d ago

With the kind of dough behind the big MS why aren't I seeing an MS-iPhone? The world didn't need another iPod, it needed a better convergence product.

I read this after the iPhone article but I stand my ground on the iPhone's practicality. If you are a current Mac user this was the peripheral we've all been waiting for.

Shadow Flare5438d ago

i bet themart has the bill gates wallpaper for his zune

Nitrox5438d ago

"the device might provide competition for handheld gaming devices such as Nintendo Co.'s DS and Sony Corp.'s PlayStation Portable"

I doubt any games zune can bring could even be competition for GBA. The only kind of gameplay I expect for this device would be comparable to an prettied-up cellphone game.
I mean serioulsly a little clicker wheel thing between a ply button and back button?

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