No Man’s Sky’s hype “stole” community from Hello Games, feedback will help craft updates

NO MAN’S SKY has been a huge hit on PS4 and PC and while big success can be critical for a small indie studio like Hello Games, founder Sean Murray believes it may have also stolen some important feedback that would have helped shape the game’s future.

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Bolts1213d ago

Now all we need is an article with Chris Roberts crying about how the hype "stolen" the community from Star Citizen.

TheDivine1213d ago

To be fair HG's didn't show much off and evaded questions. They showed the core gameplay and implied there was far more to see and do. Turns out what they showed was everything, mine rocks, find the four points of interest randomized on each planet, and that's it. Lots of features were cut from earlier previews also. I'm harsh on them because its so buggy and it really was a twenty dollar game IMO. There's massive content but after the first planet its all the same.

I do love what's there though. They achieved something brilliant when it works. It needs steady support long term and it could be a game people play for a decade. Why mine with no base building, or freighter building, where is ship customization for looks and colors, why can't we build one, where are the sunken cities, abandoned civilizations, actual thriving hubs, maybe add quests from alien npcs, more combat situations for those that want it, add in more deep cave systems with hostile robots or wildlife, complex ruins with puzzles like portals or gravity or even moving boxes just add content. Shooting rocks is not going to keep us around especially when all you do with it is get fuel to shoot more rocks. I maxed out my suit and weapons 10 hours in on the third system. I'm about to buy a 35 storage ship 6 systems in. There's no carrot left for me. The Atlas path isn't interesting enough nor the center of the universe compelling enough for me to continue. If I could craft and customize everything I would get addicted.

Add in setpieces like epic space battles, maybe mp space stations so you could meet randoms to trade in stations and show off your ship and in turn it would let us customize our appearance and suit. Add in coop if the majority asks. At this point it doesn't matter what HG's originally intended it to be. It has to evolve with base like Minecraft did. Keep adding and a year from now it will be what I expected day 1. May turn out to be one of the best games ever made and I'm totally serious. The first few hours were amazing until you realize you have seen it all on one planet. Even the damn puzzle repeats itself every time, 1234, 2341, 3412, 4123 BLUEPRINT FOUND! You already own this blueprint :(

Good luck to you guys. Game is a smash hit already I just hope you really support it for years with a full team. I really like it but my game crashes all the time. My ship lands under the terrain and then I fall into nothingness ruining my save. It has issues. I was under the impression when Sony stepped in and helped fund it and the price was set at a full AAA price it meant that the game got support from Sony. Money to triple team size, Sony helping debug and test exc, what normally happens when a massive publisher pays what is most likely a massive amount of cash to a small team. Instead it kept a skeleton staff and didn't expand the scope at all. We got the same game we would have except at a massive mark up and wads of cash in the developers pocket. Fans kind of feel duped guys.