Why I'm Not Mad About Another Final Fantasy XV Delay

I remember first laying my eyes on Final Fantasy vs XIII 10 years prior and absolutely falling in love with it. I adored the darker tone and Kingdom Hearts-esque music. The muted colors and commanding lead male. A story of politics, kingdoms and apparently a link to the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII. However, a whole console generation and many changes in story, characters and even engines later, I'm finding it difficult to be upset for being made to wait a mere 2 months more for Final Fantasy XV than we had expected.

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RPG12011208d ago

Why I AM mad: Announced E3 2006.

AnnaDea1208d ago

Game has never been delayed before though ?_?

ninsigma1208d ago

I thought I would be mad about it if it were to happen but surprisingly I wasn't. Probably because it gives me time to play a few other things I have planned first.

pompombrum1208d ago

I'd rather they took their time and got the release right instead of releasing a buggy mess, still the delay is quite embarrassing when you consider they even done a special event just to announce the release date and not to mention they went all out in terms of promoting the game with a feature length film and mini anime series etc which I'm sure were strategically planned alongside the game's release date.

MilkMan1208d ago

Im not mad, Im just don't give a rats arse.

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