Sony, Where is My DualShock 4 Elite Controller?

Roman M France:

It’s hard to argue that Sony has done many things wrong this generation. They have the number #1 selling video game console on the market — the PS4 is still outpacing the PS2's sales figures — they’re leading the home console software sales race, and consumers seem very happy with the box. But there’s still some room for improvement and the one thing at the top of my wish list — no, it’s not the ability to change my PSN ID, though that desperately needs to be a thing — is hardware related. I want a DualShock 4 Elite Controller.

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Filmicfps1212d ago ShowReplies(19)
SniperControl1212d ago

Just go down the Scuf route.

The DS4 is pretty much a fantastic controller anyway, but having those two paddles on the bottom would come in handy, but then again, i'am not about to pay £120 for a controller on any platform.

RogueOne1211d ago

Not even in the same class as the Elite when it comes to build quality and software support. People need to stop responding with this nonsense.

DARK_WOLF1211d ago

So you dont want the option for an official branded premium controller with high build quality and customisation?

Ok then.

lnfiniteLoop1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

as a Scuf 4PS owner | can say the quality is not even near a original Dualshock4, plastic scuf uses is cheap and weak, trigger posts dont last

[edit]: and once they fail the pad is wrecked and unrepairable... I have had many pads on many systems last alot longer than my dead Scuf 4PS for alot less outlay to start with...


@RogueOne Software support? You can natively map DS4 buttons within PS4 firmware, You have been able to do that since March of last year. I mean yeah they have no paddles but meh, Really only necessary if you are professional.. even then, Scuff is an option.

DARK_WOLF1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Scuff is not as good and it costs more.

Why wouldnt u want sony to have a premium controller?

Only reason u wouldnt is to be bitter about it cos xbox already jas one so ur saying its unnecessary to downplay how good it actually is.

Options are good and the ds4 is like a cheap toy compared to xbox elite controllers. I want my neo to have a better controller for sure.

LexHazard791211d ago

@Rogue, what? Scuf and MS collaborated to make the Xbox Elite controller. So yeah a Scuf would be comparable.

ImGumbyDammit1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

@ BakPAin7h "Scuf and MS collaborated to make the Xbox Elite controller."


I swear people at this site either don't know how to read or make something up. Scuf had nothing to do with the Elite. Well maybe Microsoft engineers may have been inspired by Scuf but, they were not part of the original Elite controller development. There was no collaboration between the two companies.

After the Elite was announced Scuf signed a licensing agreement in October 2015 with Microsoft. It was a move on both parties. It benefits Microsoft because (like any device nowadays) there are innovations in Scufs that are similar to the Elite. This was to avoid any possible legal entanglements (patents & IP) For example the Scuf has a patent on the stick swapping function (I know silly) The Elite also has stick swapping. Maybe the swapping was not done the same way but, no reason to make peace to avoid the frivolous court battle. I am sure Sony would do this as well if they had an Elite controller with functions that may be similar to Scuf's IP/Patents. In return Microsoft gave Scuf the exclusive third party rights to build accessories for this Elite and any future versions of the device.

LordMaim1210d ago

@Darkwolf_NZ: Once again, Sony's controllers are just fine, and Elite controllers aren't exactly bulletproof. This video was why I stuck with the normal ones.

AstroCyborg1210d ago

scuff is garbage awful quality & worse customer service

Bolts1210d ago

I have a DS4 Scuff. It's a $200 hack job and totally not worth the money. What we need is an Elite level design with quality and features build in at both the hardware and software level.

donthate1210d ago


If you actually touched and used an Elite controller, you would know that POS like Scuf isn't even in the same league. It is insulting to think they are even remotely close.

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Idiedgoodbye1211d ago

Under the couch?
F*** yo couch...

Neonridr1212d ago

I like the Dual Shock 4 myself, but having the option of something else wouldn't hurt.

donthate1210d ago

Pretty much. I mean a $150 controller isn't for everybody, but for those that do, they are in for a best in class controller.

DARK_WOLF1211d ago

Heck yeah Id love a premium ds4. Not sure why some others are against it.

Duoma1210d ago

because some people think having a choice is a bad thing or theyre probably from some communist country that tells them its bad to have choice, i dunno *shrug* lol

ShadowWolf7121210d ago

It's not that people are against it. It's that most people are fine even if it doesn't.

There's no real great call or need for a controller that costs over $100 when the DS4 is an amazing control by default, so most just don't care.

Silly gameAr1210d ago

I'm not against it, just don't think it's necessary because the DS4 controllers are pretty good as is. If people want to spend that much on a controller, go for it.

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AnotherProGamer1211d ago

There is a patent for a new PS4 controller and it looks like you can readjust where the buttons, dpad, and analogy sticks go

DARK_WOLF1211d ago

Oh wow that looks awesome!!!

LexHazard791211d ago Show
Utalkin2me1211d ago


My god dude you wont never give it a rest. Im starting to think you're rookie. First of its a patent from 2013 and secondly you can set the controller up how you like, which seems pretty cool. This is something totally different then the overpriced elite controller.

1211d ago
Aenea1211d ago

I've been eyeing a Scuf for a while now, but rather would like Sony themselves to do it, then they are way easier to buy!

yeahright21211d ago

same here, I'd love to be able to have offset thumbsticks.


God forbid some one say it isnt good enough... -_- typical Sony fanboy BS. I bet if they did come out with one yall would be all for it!

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Ashlen1212d ago

No thanks, the Elite controller is so overpriced it's ridiculous. I can guarantee you the cost to manufacture the Elite versus the regular controller is not 300% greater.

Filmicfps1212d ago

options dont hurt ppl. its good

Rimeskeem1212d ago

That's what they say about DLC

DragonKnight1211d ago

And microtransactions, and Season Passes.

game4funz1211d ago

@rimeskeem @dragonknight

What an awful comparison.
You're comparing software with hardware. Good job.

Christopher1210d ago

@game4funz: How about Amiibos, then? It's hardware, but it's also DLC!

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RogueOne1211d ago

It's not overpriced if people are willing to pay for it and millions have.

rocketpanda1211d ago

"Millions have" figures please. Funny you think millions of Xbox owners will drop $150 for a controller.

badz1491211d ago

So iPhones are not overpriced then?

RogueOne1211d ago

Million shipped as of June 2016, was supply limited well into January. It's a hit.

1211d ago
DARK_WOLF1211d ago Show
badz1491211d ago Show
saint_seya1211d ago


Since when "millons" and "millon" is the same?


Some people are just in denial MS have always made the best controllers!

Utalkin2me1211d ago Show
InTheZoneAC1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

whether someone buys something or not does not correlate to being or not being overpriced...

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1211d ago
JamesBroski1211d ago

Yea, and it will stay like that because there are people dumb enough to buy it.

n4rc1211d ago

You'd be surprised.. I own one and I know the materials used and the number manufactured etc.. it probably does cost 3x more to make.

But it's still probably like $45 to and $15 to make lol

Aenea1211d ago

Still, I would prefer a Sony one over a Scuf one... So I am kinda hoping they will announce a new controller on September 7 as well!


For me it was the best move the elite controller beats out everything else!

agame9141210d ago

even with a replaceable d-pad they still could not get it right. MS will never get it right for fighting games

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XXanderXX1212d ago

Seem like a tough thing to do or depends on the deal MS has with Scuf or what the parameters of the deal are .

XXanderXX1212d ago

Never said they didn't support them , stated that their may be some specifics in the Elite design that can't be used due to the Deal between MS & Scuf ,

Neonridr1212d ago

nobody said they wanted the DS to look like the Elite. Just give me the ability to change button layouts or dead zones for triggers, etc.

Tallpine1211d ago

Those controllers are sweet! Maybe afford that one day.

LexHazard791211d ago

What would depend? Scuf can work with whoever on a controller. They already make PS4 controllers if you want it..just more pricey.

XXanderXX1211d ago

IS READING COMPREHENSION A LOST SKILL . Never said they couldn't work with whoever they want , just stating for some hard head people on this site that their may be some select concepts of the MS elite controller that are most likely patented by MS. So a DS4 that looks exactly like the Xbox one Elite is not possible .

Goldby1211d ago


it wouldn't look exactly like an x1 elite controller though, it would still be based off of a DS4 controller.
IT COMMON SENSE A LOST SKILL. why on earth would sony model their new elite controller off of the xbox one elite. it would be there own controller with some extra buttons on the grips like the mockups that came out a few weeks ago were like.

impydave1212d ago

Give me "A" dualshock not an!! FFS!!