Lawsuit continues to pursue action over ‘drifting’ Xbox controllers

Amended class-action adds additional plaintiffs and specific mention of Elite Series 2

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crazyCoconuts292d ago

I was wondering if something was up with these controllers. I have a friend that had multiple Xbox controllers with drift issues ... Seemed like more than just bad luck

pocolocoX292d ago (Edited 292d ago )

Thats weird, me and my friends have over 20+ controllers and none of them have drift. Not saying it can't happen but maybe it IS bad luck. I think it's mostly isolated to the Elite Series 2 being the newest controller.

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potatoseal291d ago

20+ controllers? You ever wonder why you guys need so many controllers? Maybe it's because their build quality sucks.

Imortus_san291d ago

This is a problem that occour in all controllers from all brands due to users making a lot on stress on analogue, some controllers are less resistance them other like the Switch, but that the way it is.

I never had this problem on any controller of any brand in my 32 years of gaming, on the other hand I know people that have this problem in every controller after 6 months.

darthv72291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

I have close to 40 xbo/ps4 controllers and none of them have drift issues. I bought them all 2nd hand and you would think they should (with the way some wrench on the sticks) but thankfully they do not. My son's xbo has developed stick drift as well as one of his ds4 so I let him use a couple of my spares. Not the fancy ones though... just regular ones.

@seal, maybe this person collects controllers? I know I do.

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TheProblem292d ago

I think it’s about time that Microsoft put more quality into their engineering

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SullysCigar292d ago

Yeah, it seems to be more of an issue recently. It's like they deteriorate over time rather than being dodgy from the get-go.

BrainSyphoned292d ago

Only had one out of my 5 drift this gen on Xbox. Annoyingly it is the custom controller I ordered.

nibblo292d ago (Edited 292d ago )

I have 4 controllers one of them is an original from back in 2013 when the console was released which did eventually get some drift on the left stick after about 3 years all the others haven't including my Elite V2 and I do tend to put my controllers through the wringer. I have no idea why you have so many friends who seem to get this issue as none of my friends with Xboxes have reported it. Maybe anecdotal evidence from people you know is not used in law courts for a reason? However I do think that all console manufacturers should extend their warrantee for this, 90 days is pretty stingy for something like stick drift.

1Victor292d ago

@ crazy
You must be crazy Xbox elite controllers are perfect and only lying fanboys find imaginary defects on them. My works perfect without any issues and I have 2 on each room. Said you know who here

CorndogBurglar291d ago

I mean, there's a lawsuit against the Elite 2 controllers drifting. So its clearly something that happens. Did you ever think that you were lucky that the ones you have just don't have that issue?

Zeref292d ago

I have never had drift issues I got 6 controllers. Including an elite controller 2.

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Zeref291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

@darkwingsoul I need to have issues to buy controllers? 😂 Yall are definitely some lonely virgins. Look at the agrees lmfao

I have extra controllers for when my friends come over to play videogames. Plus elite controller 2 and a design lab controller. Easily could have been more if I bought a few special edition ones.

Juvia291d ago

I have this on two of my controllers. It seems like it happens over time tho, as mine worked fine for about 6 months.

R6ex291d ago

Mine worked well for like 3 years before drifting.

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jonesmiller04101291d ago

I also had a drifter. I was pissed that they wouldn't do anything about it. I lived in Denmark then, which is notoriously know for absolute sh!t customer service.

Lostbytes291d ago

Drift happens, no really. It is caused by a combination of ware and dirt. Every single one of my controllers develop drift. Without fail. To be fair, i am not kind to my controllers. They get used on the daily for 3-5 hours and 10-15 hour sessions are not too infrequent. Hands covered in chip residue, spills on and around them. TBH, I always get the 2 year add on warranty from Best Buy. Then trade them in when it starts happening. Trade for a new one.Then get a new warranty (40$ for Elite Controller, 20$ for normal) on that one, Rinse and repeat. I did this 5 time with the original Elite, with the last time paying the additional 30 bucks for the upgrade to V2. Still going strong.

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RememberThe357292d ago

Man stick drift is everywhere. What happened this gen?

RememberThe357292d ago

All four of my DS4s have stick drift.

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nirwanda292d ago

I had one analogue stick brake, had no drift issues but went though quite a few, 3 with broken usbs, rubber came off first one.
Strangely third party ones dispite being crap were never broke

D3TH_D33LR292d ago

I get stuck drift every 3-4 months with heavy fps gaming use

SpeedDemon292d ago

That's good, but an analog stick is a moving part and after a period of use they wear down no matter what gaming system the controller goes to.

BrainSyphoned292d ago (Edited 292d ago )

Xbox: 1 out of 5
PS4: 1 out of 7 including 3 with shredded analog tops-my second release PS4 controllers have been good
Switch: 2 sets out of 2, can only play with a pro controller

Father__Merrin292d ago

ds4 have that notirious call of duty left click problem

JackBNimble292d ago

Every single one of my DS4 controller's drift , I've accepted that this is just what happens.

Silly gameAr292d ago

I have. I've had a couple with stick drift. Only difference is, I didn't pay 100+ for them.

kneon292d ago

I've never had a playstation controller fail or drift.

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porkChop292d ago

You're lucky. I'm on my 3rd.

potatoseal291d ago

I'm still using my PS4 Pro launch controller and it's totally fine.

potatoseal291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

@ JAckBNimble you are so full of it. You don't even own Ps4 controllers. I mean just on one page of your commetn history.....

"Those days are long gone bro... these sonybois are much worse now"

"I have a feeling that over confident sonyboys are going to be blindsided next gen with all their expectations of ps5 and down playing of xsx."

I don't pretend to Xbox controllers. You shouldn't pretend to have all these DS4 controllers and they all have drift. You're full of it

Seraphim291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

that's because on PS4 you often won't notice it. I've had controllers that work perfectly fine then while playing some game I put the controller down and notice L3 is drifting. Sometimes simply clicking the analog in and rotating clears it up for good or for a while. But imo, from what I've experienced, it's pretty minimal and something that can be easily overlooked or go unnoticed.

As for the mention of triggers below. Sony has made changes to the triggers over the course of each DS4 generation. There's at least 3 generations of DS4s. The latest bolstering the trigger somewhat.

ziggurcat291d ago

Two of my DS4 controllers got it - one I'm still using because it's too close to the release of the PS5 to invest in a new one.

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XxINFERNUSxX292d ago

Made in China quality. This is what we have now.

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franwex292d ago

I haven’t had any drift issues. My elite 1 controller grips did fall off-but it’s still playable.

Even my Switch is fine.

Can it be one of the assemblies that they contract out that makes them be the issue?

At this point I feel lucky.

Killer73nova292d ago

Have a elite 1 and don’t have any issues whatsoever or any of my controllers. So far I’ve been lucky but I’ve had my switch have stick drift

rockwhynot292d ago (Edited 292d ago )

Never had stick drift using 7 different Xbone controllers over the course of 5 years. Unless I screwed them up myself which I did once by leaving one upside down with some clothes on top of it.

Applejack292d ago

Lucky you, I had drift on 2 out of my 4 ps4 controllers. Luckily is wasn’t on my scuf.

JackBNimble292d ago

I'm guessing you probably don't play all that much then.

TheScotsman292d ago

I been gaming for 25 years now and never even seen drift on any of my joypads, maybe some of us just ain't hashy gits with our controllers.

IRetrouk292d ago

I get drift eventually every gen, its the racing games man, I love em, but the twitchy way I use the sticks must mess with em lol

rockwhynot291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

I put at least 800 hours between those 7 xbone controllers and I bought several of them used off craigslist.

Hakuoro292d ago

I have used 9 over the course of 4 years and all 9 have drift and I keep them all in plastic safety cases.

Knushwood Butt291d ago

Maybe you can sue the maker of the plastic safety cases.

Hakuoro291d ago

Knushwood Butt

I won over 1 million in my class action!

Knushwood Butt290d ago


That will get you a lot of new pads!

Hakuoro290d ago

I now have over 40,000 controllers and I have them individually sealed in titanium cases now! Unfortunately they all have drift...

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potatoseal291d ago

Why would you need to use 7 controllers? I've still got my launch PS4 pro controller and it's fine still now. 7 controllers? I am guessing a couple don't work which is why you have so many and use them all. I don't know, but 7? That seems crazy to me.

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