Microsoft fixes deceptive Xbox One S graphic in new ad

Microsoft has edited the image they used back at E3 to show the size difference between the Xbox One S and the original model. Their latest ad for the console now uses a much more accurate portrayal of how the redesigned model compares to its predecessor.

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Cindy-rella1214d ago

Wow, such a difference. The first ad was so disingenuous

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ThePope1213d ago

The things some gamers care about cracks me up!

Eonjay1213d ago

No, but as a consumer I'm sure you don't like blatant false advertising. This advert was a lie. And there is no reason for it.

GrontB1213d ago

No, it's the "things" consumers in general should care about. It's misleading advertisments then backtracking when the spotlight begins to back off of your product. Awesome looking console none the less.

trooper_1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Yeah...because not liking anti-consumer tactics is something that no one should care about./s

King_Lothric1213d ago

I am pretty sure you would care if it was the PS4.

ThePope1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

To all comments; Its one advertisement that exaggerates the size of the console. When you go to buy it you will have the ability to look at it or failing that return it if you thought it was THAT small. Also the advertisement is exaggerating size, its not saying its a VR, 12K, liquid cooled console. Its just a little wrong about the size. Anti consumer policies are saying the console can do things, has features, or play games it cant. Its not saying its a little bigger than the advertisement. HAHA

The ONLY reason this is a big deal @King is because its Xbox. You cats just cant give the console a break. Everyone should care about anti-consumer activities. THIS is not that.

FamilyGuy1213d ago

You mean being lied to?
How dare we!

DeeBeers1213d ago Show
Sparta071213d ago

Right!!! Cause I'm sure if it was the other console, you would say the same thing. .

generic-user-name1213d ago

When you're so loyal to MS that you gotta act like false advertising is OK.

ThePope1212d ago


When you're such a lame hater everything is false advertising.

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GamingIVfun1213d ago

If it had been Sony or Nintendo who made this miss representation there would have been a huge sh!t
storm about.

XanderZane1213d ago

Both images look completely wrong. The first image looks like it's 60% smaller then the XBox One. The new images looks like it's 25% smaller then the XBox One. Both images look wrong to me. Microsoft can't seem to get this right at all.

XanderZane1213d ago

The first ad looks like the XB1 S is 60% smaller then the XBox One. The new ad image looks like the XB1 S is 25% then the XBox One. Neither image looks accurate to me. Microsoft can seem to get this right for some reason.

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Nodoze1213d ago

Make one in black and I might bite. Otherwise not interested. I don't buy white electronics.

Gitgud1213d ago

same. black is the only way for me

mrbojingles1213d ago

I really am surprised at how much I like the white one. A black unit could look really cool but I wonder if the white emphasizes the smaller size better than any other color

candystop1213d ago

I thought we were given the ability to now choose a color (for extra cash) if we wanted. Does anyone know if this is possible?

dumahim1213d ago

I don't mind the white, but those open holes really bug me. Reminds me of drop ceiling tiles from grade school.

IceKoldKilla1213d ago

They have it in red if you get the Gears of Wars bundle.

Christopher1213d ago

I'm surprised, I think the white model is damn sexy while the black one is boring and plain.

FamilyGuy1213d ago

Most people don't have white entertainment setups so a white console clashes with everything aesthetically.

Christopher1213d ago

Most people don't have black entertainment setups either, they're typically wood... My white XBO looks fabulous next to my PS4 even though it's a coffee stain entertainment unit.

ziggurcat1213d ago

Yeah, I think they did a good thing with the design of this model. I also love that you can stand it upright. I'm waiting for the lower capacity models to come out before I pull the trigger. I already have a 4TB external attached to my current one, and don't personally need to buy the 2TB model that's out right now.

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BLKxSEPTEMBER1213d ago ShowReplies(5)
SpaceRanger1213d ago

Man the difference in the ads is HUGE! The original depiction showed it as the size of the bluray drive. Can't believe people on this site were saying that false advertisement didn't matter and that it actually was a depiction of the Xbox One S' size.

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