Fifa 2009 Demo Coming This Week

Just to remind you guys, the demo for Fifa 2009 is coming this week!

A few weeks ago EA Sports have announced the release date for the Fifa 2009 demo - September 11.

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Cwalat4330d ago

next week, but nvm.. :P

Jamegohanssj54330d ago

I hope it's a actual demo unlike last year. It was just kick ball with Ronaldo.


Stallone19934330d ago

No, you could have a game as well. You had to press Start ;)

As for this article, how the hell did it get approved? We knew about this before...why the hell do we need 'reminders'? Imagine we had reminders for every bit of news "Don't forget to check the PSN next Thursday because there is a trailer on there for PAIN that was on there last week - we just want to remind you incase you haven't watched it."

Jamegohanssj54330d ago

What!? I am pissed off, well thanks for telling me in case it's the same way. B U B B L E S.


Renzokuken4329d ago

SO stoked for this one!! Cant wait!!

marcindpol4329d ago

two demos of two great games in one day!

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