Possible Soul Calibur VI Concept Art by Passion Republic

Passion Republic is a company that creates concept arts for popular video games such as Dark Souls, Mortal Kombat X, and Batman Arkham Knight.

These images could potentially be official designs for potential characters in the next SoulCalibur installment.

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ZoidsRaven2418d ago

Hm. I wonder what features will be removed from this sequel? That is to say if this is even being made.
Regardless if this game has just those four characters and one stage, I know the people over at 8wayrun will treat this game like it's the second coming of Christ and any thread stating otherwise will get spammed and or locked by mods.

Or maybe another 8wayrun mod will "remove" their moderator title so that they may insult anyone didn't like the game, only to get their "removed" moderator title back once all criticism has been deemed spam by "casual haters".
After all, it's what they did with the bare-bones Cash Cowlibur 5.

I hope this game can:
1) Bring back features that got removed from older games (team battle, match time settings, C.O.T.S., ETC.).
2) Add and or bring back some of the moves/inputs removed from the styes in the game. Cash Cowlibur 5's returning styes felt like dumbed down versions of their SC4 counterparts.
3) Remove that facking stupid Clean Hit.

I really hope this game turns out well. I don't want to see my favorite weapon fighter turn into a glorified dress-up game. That would kill a part of me, if that happened. 7_7

blackblades2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

Might be true, heard rumors it'll be shown at tgs. The guy making it was teasing it awhile back. It was updated they said the image is unrelated to the new game and it's just profolio.

Jinryo2417d ago

I hope they gonna show the game on TGS.

NapalmSanctuary2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

I want to see the SC2 version of Maxi return and I'd love to see a finished version of the generic/no character styles from 3 and the weapon hunts from the original Soul Edge. BTW they can call the game Soul Edge again. The guy who trademarked the word "edge" had his claim invalidated by a court (too common and unspecific, unrelated to a brand). That would be an awesome way for the series to signify going back to its roots.

Jinryo2417d ago

Remove the stupid character customisation and focus on the main characters, story, weapon master etc. Bring back old characters like Taki and Hwang. For me, they can do the reeboot of the series; I realy didn't like the new and young characters (Natsu, Xiba) who copy styles.

blackblades2417d ago

Sorry man but I have to disagree on the character customization. I liked it and I liked creating my own warriors so its not stupid in any way for me definitely if there were to have a mode similar to sc3 chronicles. The reboot was done to freshen up the story, after so many games. Also they weren't 100% copies of them, besides there successors so it makes since. Only thing I can say to bring back everyone is to reboot from the beginning amd retell the story. Cause people just going to complain about not having a certain fav character. Because of that the game story can't move on from where it's at. They can't kill characters off, can't age characters, you can't have them have real lives and settle down because of it.