Is Final Fantasy XV's Delay Cause for Concern?

What's another few months after a ten year wait?

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Dabigsiebowski1211d ago

Well so far I've always held Japanese games to higher standards so this one is no different. It's final fantasy xv...yeah I'm buying it day 1.

PaleMoonDeath1211d ago

Almost everyone will, these whiny sods just enjoy whining, they buy every game they moan about anyway :P

NukaCola1211d ago

As long as worlds of Final Fantasy doesn't get delayed I don't give a crap about this one. I'll play it when I play it if I decide to buy day 1 or year 2, whatever

Gitgud1211d ago

you disgust me. you'd rather that chibi shit instead of the real stuff?!

wonderfulmonkeyman1211d ago

Your graphics elitism is the most disgusting thing in here.
Who cares if its art style isn't chav fodder realism? Won't make it a bad game.

NapalmSanctuary1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

WoFF looks like a mockery of the old school games and fans. If they wanted to go more for an FF9 look where character's physical proportions were actually part of the "fantasy" aspect of the game as opposed to this cutesy bullshit, that would have been effing awesome. There is real charm in that, unlike what ive seen of either WoFF or FFXV.

Gitgud1210d ago

@wonder elitism? jesus, pls stop throwing this tripe at me son. nothing is going to change the fact that WOFF looks like bull, gotta be a real fucking nutter too like that over FFXV unless you're under 12 which I'm assuming you're not.

Kyosuke_Sanada1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

If it truly runs great at launch without the need of a day one patch, I can wait a month or so

andrewsquall1211d ago

And the 2 very things that you just mentioned are highly likely NOT going to happen in November. But will you buy it regardless?

Kyosuke_Sanada1211d ago

If it needs patching, Ill wait another month or so for them to iron out the kinks. I'm never in a rush to buy a video unless it feels the developers really pushed above and beyond for my money.

NapalmSanctuary1210d ago

I gotta wait for a used copy anyway so IDGAF.

Koor1210d ago

I'll bet you, even if they had a launch date in 2017, there would still be a day 1 patch.

FallenAngel19841211d ago

A two month delay isn't all that concerning. Just a few touch ups here and there and no day one patches.

I'd be more alarmed if they delayed it by half a year because they were so displeased by the current state of their product.

S-Word1211d ago

No. It will be just as mediocre as FF13.

Gitgud1211d ago

how is it mediocre? tell me my son, because i dunno any game like FFXV and this game is certainly above average

Koor1210d ago

FF13 wasn't mediocre, it was pure shit.
If you watch the 52m video and / or played the duscae demo, you'd know this game can be GOTY.

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The story is too old to be commented.