Should You Get No Man's Sky On PC Right Now?

Yet to pick up your No Man's Sky PC copy? Unsure about putting your money down on this title? You might want to read our recap on the state of the game!

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crazychris41241206d ago

I'll just wait for patches, content updates and a sale

Filmicfps1206d ago

good point. i think this game will be really good in the future over time. l hope they add mp.

5p4c3d1206d ago

bought it day one on steam and dont regret it, i figured the more people that buy it at full price the higher chance we get of it being supported and updated for a long time ala minecraft. That being said the PC launch was rocky for me but luckily the posted work around actually worked. Since the fix ive been enjoying the game more then any other this generation and i highly recommend.

Aenea1206d ago

Is that even possible on PC?

freshslicepizza1206d ago

yes, it's called a demo or a steam return. if you play less than 2 hours on steam i believe you can get a refund and according to thr forums many have.

Perjoss1206d ago

Its got some issues but if you enable the experimental patch in Steam it sorts a lot of them out. Its certainly a lot smoother now specially for people that like to use v-sync.

MasterCornholio1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

From what others told me the game has a lot of issues on PC. I believe it's best to wait until they iron out the issues before getting it.

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The story is too old to be commented.