Why an Xbox 360 Price Cut Will Not Help

In what's seen as the first step towards a worldwide price cut, Microsoft has slashed the prices of the Xbox 360 gaming console on the Japanese market by margins that go up to 30%. Now the Xbox 360 Arcade is cheaper than the Nintendo Wii. And many analysts, like Colin Sebastian from Lazard Capital Markets and the ubiquitous Michael Patcher from Wedbush Morgan, are saying that prices are set to fall in the rest of the world just before Christmas in a move designed to spice up the appeal of the Microsoft console over its competitors.

Cutting prices might lure some late adopters to the Microsoft-made device and the PlayStation 3 and even the Wii might get extra sales if they drop the price tag by let's say 50 dollars. But console sales have never ever been and will never be just about prices.

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Mr_Bun4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

I don't think that the 360 does have enough "value" to give it the edge over the PS3 and the volume of sales seems to reflect that.

Even if you follow you can see that the 60gig version of the 360 is more popular than the 20 gig version even though the 60gig is 50 bucks more.
Which means people are going for the better "value"

DJ4329d ago

If the product lacks value, the price doesn't matter. Gamecube, for example, was the cheapest console last generation and STILL came in 3rd place last generation (21 million sold worldwide). Why? It's all about what the system has to offer, as well as the appeal of its software lineup.

Excalibur4329d ago

1 and 2 you're both smoking crack.

The 360 has a great library of games and tons of great Down-loadable content.

The 360 hate on this site is amazing.

slugg4329d ago

This guy has never worked in retail. I work at Gamestop, and the price cut does not take effect until the 7th (Sunday) but already we've seen dozens of people who have heard the news coming in to pick up a 360. (Most aren't even mad when we tell them that the price drops Sunday, and one guy bought one anyway, even knowing the price was dropping $50.00 in less than a week!) And this is BEFORE the official add flyers come out in this Sunday's paper-- after that, all bets are off.