Sociable Soccer Gamescom Trailer

FIFPlay: Sociable Soccer gameplay trailer from Gamescom.

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amirbard1207d ago

cannot compete with fifa nor pes, but it's still good especially for sensible soccer fans

TKCMuzzer1207d ago

I'm not sure even those two titles could compete with the pure simplicity and fun of the original Sensible Soccer.

SociableSoccer1206d ago

We're not competing with them. We're arcade, they're simulation ;)

mcstorm1207d ago

For me Sensible Soccer is still the most fun pick up and play football game to date. Still have it on my Amiga32. Look forward to giving this game a go and I hope it sells well for the type of game it is.

SociableSoccer1206d ago

And we are looking forward to rewarding you guys with a new arcade football game! :)

mcstorm1206d ago

Looking forward to it.

cfc831207d ago

Kick off revival is a very useful game, especially after yesterdays patch. It sticks to that old school tradition. Sociable soccer in this trailer doesn't seem like a sensi type game.

SociableSoccer1206d ago

We haven't implemented stats yet ;) that will make a hell of a difference. We promise you a fun game ;)

cfc831206d ago

I'm sure it will be fun and worth buying. Just not seeing any similarities to sensi in a gameplay sense. That clip looks more actua/olympic soccer.