Final Fantasy XV Requires 45 GB Or More HDD Space on PS4

Today the Japanese convenience store chain Seven Eleven released the digital download cards for the PS4 version of Final Fantasy XV, and they include the mention that the game requires 45 gigabytes of more of hard disk drive space.

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Dabigsiebowski1215d ago

This game will be over 50 gigabytes I'm thinking. How sick would it be for them to ship the PS4 version on 2 discs because of the high fidelity of everything. Xbox would win though because they would have the 720p single disc./s

So hyped for the PS4 version as this game was riding dirty with Sony for the longest time.

Hoffmann1215d ago

I just realized that Final Fantasy XV with all its delays and change from being a PS3 FFXIII Spinoff game it is still getting released before Persona 5 outside Japan.

DragonDDark1215d ago

Plz stop saying it. I hate having to wait 6 months while knowing that a**hole in the internet is going to try to spoil Persona 5 for me in that period... :(

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shadowfax331215d ago

i think its already confirmed that Xbox one version would have dynamic resolution up to 1080p, and 900p would be its lowest.

720p was just the demo.

Idiedgoodbye1215d ago

Welp there goes 5 games. I think I'll skip this FF. Last one I bought was FF12

Dabigsiebowski1215d ago

Yeah skip it. Buy the yearly regurgitated shooter instead.

DragonDDark1215d ago

I don't think there is only "that" game before FF15's release date

andrewsquall1215d ago

Nah, I'm sure he will get The Last Guardian like the rest of us instead.

CorndogBurglar1215d ago

Yes, because not wanting the new Final Fantasy clearly means that person is a generic shooter fan.....

Idiedgoodbye1215d ago

The shooter I plan on getting features a cover system, and tis not your typical FPS. It's online community is brutal, And Few are those who can handle the competitiveness, and instead return to the shit that is... Call of doody.

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Hoffmann1215d ago

Since DLC was announced already, better wait for the inevitable "complete" edition next year anyway.

PaleMoonDeath1215d ago

Yessssss >:) Fill me PlayStation up baby!

JCW20051215d ago

fuck, time to clear mah hdd

DragonDDark1215d ago

Not counting the VR stuff on PS4..?

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The story is too old to be commented.