Final Fantasy XV Delayed – What Does this Mean for Final Fantasy XV: VR Experience?

Final Fantasy XV suffers a delay, will Final Fantasy XV: VR Experience also be delayed?

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mathsman1209d ago

I'm guessing... delayed?

Timesplitter141209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Let's hope it gets delayed for the rest of eternity because this game (FFVR, not FF15) looks like the most absolute of all garbage. It's been years since I last saw a game that looked this awful and boring, especially for a game that was presented at E3 by an AAA studio

Seriously, just look at this mess:
It looks irresponsibly bad. Like one of those fan-made Unity game prototypes for Oculus DK1 from 2014.

And on top of that, this video made me realize just how much of the magic of VR is lost when you don't have proper positional tracking of the head like the Vive does (position as opposed to rotation). Room-scale tracking almost seems like a necessity for VR now that I've experienced it.

Elda1209d ago

The VR exp does look like crap but the core game looks fab!

Dabigsiebowski1209d ago

No FFXV should actually be pretty good, the E3 demo for xbox was played by an idiot. But if we were talking NMS I would agree. Sean Murray is a liar.

Timesplitter141209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

@elda @Dabigsiebowski
We're not talking about FF15. We're talking about FF VR, which is a separate game where you just teleport around and shoot at things with what looks like the most exceptionally bad gun mechanics of all time

lastking951208d ago

Not a FF fan but I can say that the trailer looked bad due to the player and boring scene capture.(he's randomly shooting at the ground for goodness sake lol)

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Sony as we know it will crash and burn into eternity !!!! Mauhahahahahaha!!!!.... k, maybe that's a bit much. Gonna have to go with @mathsman on this one. Means it will probably be delayed.

1209d ago
Cy1209d ago

Misleading title. It implies the delay was confirmed when the article says it's still a rumor.

-Gespenst-1209d ago

It's basically been confirmed though hasn't it? Gamestops are getting stickers with the new release date on them to paste over the old date on the displays.

AnnaDea1209d ago

Confirmed fake by being a bad photoshop.

1209d ago
-Gespenst-1209d ago

Oh right, well true or not I don't really care. I can wait. It'll come out when it comes out.

Good-Smurf1208d ago

Sadly it is now confirmed that the game got "delayed" to November 29 2016.
The event back in March said that it will be release on November 30 2016 but then dialed back to September 30 2016.

Skyblaze1209d ago

Regardless of what's going on with the delay considering FFXV VR is separate and smaller I doubt it's fate would be changed much.

Aenea1209d ago

Duh, it's getting delayed as well...

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The story is too old to be commented.