THQ Nordic - What's Next?

What games from the back catalogue will THQ Nordic bring back to life. Player 2 makes a few educated guesses as to which games would be a good fit with modern audiences.

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SpamnJam1218d ago

Nice choices, I would like them to bring back MTX Vs ATV. Been ages since we have had a good offroad bike game.

crazychris41241217d ago

Destroy All Humans with the destruction of Red Faction would be awesome

BlackIceJoe1217d ago

I'd like to see a new De Blob and Stuntman, but I'm most likely the only one.

TheCommentator1217d ago

Didn't they say in a recent article that they had 13 titles already in development? That would mean most of the THQ games already are in development.

blackblades1217d ago

What's next is that they need to fix the only online trophy on the ps3 version of darksiders 2. Then they can do whatever they what.

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