‘No Man’s Sky’ Is Unbearably Boring

18 quintillion planets and not a whole lot to do.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Not for me. I get lost for hrs in beautiful and colorful worlds exploring every monolith, colony, and discovering plants and alien creatures.

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hirobrotagonist1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Not sure why you're getting downvoted. I'm loving the game as well. Unlocking new stuff and grinding is fun for me, but I really like exploring and finding new things in the universe. Not to mention basebuilding and more are coming in free updates.

A lot of people are being incredibly unfair to this game and it's amazing that such a small team could create something like this. Imagine the space-faring combined with a game like Mass Effect or Fallout!

nucky641215d ago

I'm loving it too; but, I can see where it's not a game for everyone.

lobocob1215d ago

31? Or 32? How many of the downvotes are from people who haven't touched the game?

BossBattle1215d ago

What do you do besides explore? Do you fight bosses?

EazyC1215d ago

I, too, enjoy watching paint dry.

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-Foxtrot1216d ago

I have to agree a little

I think a building mode like Minecraft, even a basic one would have made it a little more interesting. Maybe some Terraforming tools aswell.

bunt-custardly1215d ago

Or building options like Subnautica.

DarthZoolu1215d ago Show
_-EDMIX-_1215d ago

The next update will have building..

Paytaa1215d ago

So, this is another case of an unfinished $60 game? Why is it that games keep getting a pass for lack of content to only be saved by later updates?

If No Man's Sky was $30 like it looks to be worth, I would probably bite. I really wanted this game to be good.

_-EDMIX-_1215d ago

@paytaa- software could not be finished by the pure nature of what it is software is actually Dynamic it cannot be absolute.

it's one of the first things you learn in software design.

Also what would it matter to you that they're adding these features? The features that they're adding we're never promised in the base game and in fact we were never even told of such features so why would they continue to delay the game in this Everlasting cycle just to keep adding features to no end?

Do you not understand technically speaking you could do this with all software in existence?

Consider this content that can be added in a later date is irrelevant all games and all existence can do this. it's not illegal, it's not against the law and when on Earth will you ever buying this game based on the feature you never heard about?

If you're just going to get mad about anything given to you for completely free as an extra simply because of this stupid glass half full concept of entitlement you should just stop playing games altogether if that's the attitude you go about into getting a game.

It's unrealistic and quite frankly it's completely childish and ignorant.

Elwenil1215d ago


It's unrealistic, childish and ignorant to expect a product to be finished and complete on it's release for sale to the public?

I'll let the auto manufacturers know you are ok with buying a car without any wheels or engine in the future. But it's ok because they can put them in at a later date because manufacturing is also "dynamic". SMH

Rachel_Alucard1215d ago


Every single trailer for this game hints at or directly shows features that aren't in the final product.

The original E3 unveil shows a giant rhino stampeding through a forest, causing the deer to herd together and run off. This suggests interaction between animals, making the planets and animals dramatically more interesting. There is no such interaction in the actual product, and nothing as dramatic and exciting on the planetary level as that rhino. Everything is dry and static. Instead, we just get derpy animals made of random parts waddling around, ignoring everything around them.

The trailer then takes off into space, and a formation of ships comes to aid you as you engage with fighters attacking an enemy fleet. The engagements in-game are such horribly stripped down versions of this that it hurts.

You then chase them off down into the lower atmosphere of a different planet, and engage with them there. Combat, of course, is not possible in the lower atmosphere of the finished product. It's all done to the far more boring and uninteresting backdrop of space.

The announcement trailer in Dec 2013 shows you walking up to a large crashed frigate, shooting a hole through an asteroid, shows a giant sand worm sliding through a desert, and shows a fleet jumping away from an attack. That's the exciting half of the trailer, and not a single one of those things is actually in the game.

That coupled with all of the interviews with Sean Murray sheepishly saying "Yeah" to questions about features that aren't in the final product that I don't feel like digging up, and do you blame the community for expecting more than was delivered?

Paytaa1215d ago

Well, I'm saving myself $60 by not buying it half-assed. The only empathy I have towards NMS and Hello Games is that they are a very small team with limited resources, but if you are going to promise the world and then some, you better deliver especially when it's advertised as the same price of games like The Witcher, SoulsBorne games, and other AAA games not skimped on content.

Also, how is my attitude towards a very prominent problem in modern gaming childish and ignorant? That problem being an incomplete product being shipped out at the full price of $60 and then getting the rest of the bits and pieces later on as "free" updates. In no way does No Man's Sky look like a game worth $60 when you have similar games like Minecraft or Terraria that cost a fraction of that and allow you more engagement and creativity with what you're doing.

I could go onto Steam right now and buy like 5 indie games that are better than No Man's Sky and it'd cost close to NMS on it's own.

If you're going to treat your game like a AAA game in terms of pricing, you better go the full extent treating it like one in production value and with content.

No idea why people defend that crap. There was a time where none of this was an issue in the gaming realm.

_-EDMIX-_1215d ago

@Elwen- stop splitting hairs and trying to misconstrue what I stated what I stated it is unrealistic to expect a company to continuously add features to a title and never release it based on feature creep

What is being defined as finished to you is basically having all the features the team has planned for LIFE, the reality is we're still getting updates for Team Fortress 2, should they had never released Team Fortress 2? By your definition is Team Fortress 2 unfinished?

I'm sorry but crying over a team giving a brand new feature that you never heard about prior to this simply because you have this strange notion that it could have been released at initial launch is childish.

The only problem I have with a game getting a specific feature is if that feature was marketed to be in the final game and advertised to be in the final game, mind you the issue I'm even saying is actually illegal it's called false advertising!!! you could sue them because of that , this grievance is merely crying because they're adding something off of the some assumptions it was always going to be at launch.

so you're mad about a feature you never heard about, a feature that was never even brought up or promised an initial launch?

...that's free?

Cry Me a River
I'm sorry but you don't have a single legal leg to stand on.

When on Earth did this team ever tell you that feature was going to be in the final product? Even the analogy you used doesn't make any sense because no one is telling you that you're purchasing a game based on an understanding that such a feature was ever going to be there , when you buy a car you know it has wheels , you know it has an engine those things are marketed to be inside the vehicle.

when was this feature marketed to be inside the game? You have a link? Do you have any proof that this was ever supposed to be in the final launch? So why are you determining what is in a final game based on everything 100% that's released from now until eternity? By your definition even GTA V is unfinished because they're still adding features..

Games once again by their pure nature are dynamic, they are not absolute they could always be added onto.

What we legally determined as FINAL is everything the company promised upon release. This is the most fair legal thing you could possibly do as it's trying to say everything that was promised to you , is inside the game. anything they add after the fact is just a bonus. You could not suddenly Define finished as your own personal opinion based on something that is legally objective and can be proven. Once again in the legal sense finished in regards to a game is everything a team has promised either written or even suggested through marketing even the box art even the website could be used against the company if something specifically was stated to be in the game that was not because that is considered false advertising you could not merely make up what you believe is final because it doesn't make sense it's why none of you idiots on here are in a courtroom suing a company.....

Anything else is conjecture.

_-EDMIX-_1215d ago

@pay- it's childish because you decided to Define finished as a game releasing extra content after the fact that was never advertised to be in the final game, meaning you've basically made your own definition of finish based on new content being revealed.

Software is dynamic , things can be added onto every single time and I cannot understand why you're upset that they're adding free content that you've never even heard about to a game. The game is finished , they are merely adding more onto it.

You stated that they didn't deliver on something promised , what is that exactly? Do you have any real evidence to support your claim?

Christopher1213d ago

***So, this is another case of an unfinished $60 game?***

I say the same thing about Fallout 4. Do you see all that DLC that could have been in on day 1?

Also, look at Rocket League. All that free DLC still being made. They should have finished the game first.


Games get updated over time in various ways with various DLCs, paid or free, but it doesn't mean that a complete game isn't released on its own.

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Goldby1215d ago

well freighters and bases are supposed to be in future updates, so think of this as the pastry mould to hold our pie....

i love pie

maniacmayhem1215d ago

I have to agree a lot.

The game is boring, it could have used anything you mentioned even in the slightest to make it more interesting.

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WellyUK1215d ago

building in games is boring... It's added in every single game similar to this and all it does is make the game a chore.

-Foxtrot1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Oh and collecting resource after resource to continue powering your ship/weapons over and over in such a small space of time while suffering from such a small shitty interface ISN'T a chore?

immabadguy1215d ago

I completely disagree. The reason why building is added in a lot of games is because it is fun, and would be completely optional is a game like this.

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Rimeskeem1216d ago

Unbearably is highly exaggerated. It can get boring.

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MaximusPrime_1215d ago

It's the best indie game I enjoyed playing. I knew comments like this would appear. This game is not for everyone.

isa_scout1215d ago

While I don't think it's perfect I have to agree that it's my favorite indie game yet. It has it's fair share of frustrating problems, but what game doesn't? Funny thing is though, for a game that is so unbearably boring these sites have no problem writing article after article on NMS trying to generate clicks from fanboys. If it sucked as bad as a lot of people are claiming it does you'd think they'd want to move on to something else...
Of course it gets boring. If I sit and play any game for a few hours I get a little bored. That's why you turn it off,eat,enjoy life a bit, then resume refreshed and ready for more. I think to many people are dumping massive amounts of time in the game in one sitting attempting to reach the center of the galaxy and are shocked that know....gets a little tiresome. Are people really to stupid to turn a game off when they're wore out?

XanderZane1215d ago

I would have to go with Rocket League on PS4 and Ori and the Blind Forest for the XB1 as my favorite Indie games. NMS is not even on the same level as either of these games in terms of fun and hours of enjoyment. Plus it's overpriced compare to those games.

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