Running NES games through a Microsoft HoloLens

"Showing off a few compatible games on the HoloLens port of N3S.

Like I said in the last video description, the HoloLens won't run most games full speed, especially when the editor is built-in and people make more complicated 3D meshes for the sprites. I've also had to hand-tune and optimize the app for HoloLens in a way that won't work with many games to get a consistent enough FPS.

But... it is really cool."

Find out more at http://n3s.io

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Maybay2891d ago

Not bad, pretty interesting.

Kingthrash3602890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

It's always been interesting. ....just too damn expensive! If they were to come at like 300 bucks they'd sell....but I bet the tech is too expensive to sell it that low right now.

LexHazard792890d ago

Last I read they go for $3k and are catered more for enterprise space. But if you have the money you can get one. Tho Idk what use it would have for average consumer.

denawayne2890d ago

It's not even out for retail yet. $3000 is for the development kit. Retail version will probably be under $1000 when announced

donthate2889d ago

Smart phones used to cost $700, and today they are $30, so yes the price will go down as production goes up. Furthermore, the price you see now is a dev kit, intended for developers not consumers.

The application of AR is so vast, it exceed VR. In fact, VR is a corner case of AR, where the FOV is completely covered. If VR takes off (and that is a big IF), it will eventually move to AR is my belief.

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jholden32492890d ago

Wow. That's amazing! Ok, now I want a Hololens.

mcstorm2890d ago

Haha 😆 I have wanted to have a go of one since it came out. For me I've not taken to the VR world as its only really good for a few things where AR has far more interesting ways to be used. If and it's still a big IF the developers back it and it is priced right it could be the next big thing in technology. But it still has quite a few years and revisions to go before it is even worth trying to make it a public device.
For me business is it's main usage at ESP for drawings and model's even game design s they could project the characters/levels on a desk to see what it looks like.

I still don't think it will become a main way for playing games but it could replace a TV if it can get a decent quality image projected on a wall where your TV would be. Like I said alot of this is a long way off though but it is cool tech.